Ashes to Ashes. Jenny Han and Siobhan Vivian.

10662433Ashes to Ashes
by Jenny Han

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Finishing this, I was left with mixed feelings. Overall, I really did enjoy this book as the final book to the series, at the same time, I was left pondering some questions.

The Plot:
This is the final book to the trilogy, and all the revenge that Kat, Lillia and Mary planned in book 1 is now coming to a final end. With the cliffhanger that we, as readers, were left with at the end of Fire with Fire, you definitely want to know what happens in Ashes to Ashes. Mary goes psycho in her thirst for revenge, while Kat and Lillia are left without Mary, wondering where Mary went, and dealing with the aftermath of Rennie’s death, and also the choices they made in Fire with Fire.

Overall I had nothing against the plot. The events of this novel was thought out well and displayed the maximum character development.

It was also quite gripping, and intense, and all of Mary’s sections were very emotional. Lillia’s too since she must deal with her choices and feelings for Reeve. As for Kat, she grew on me the most.

The Characters:
Oh god, how do I described the hurricane I went through with each of these characters? As much as I felt for each of these characters inthe other books, this one just really brought out their characters. You really see them develop, and you really see them hurt.

Lillia > I liked Lillia a lot more in this book. It might be because I got to see her when she wasn’t thinking about revenge or worried about her rep or what. Lillia grieves for Rennie. But she also loves Reeve, and she wants to balance both except at the end of the last book, it’s obvious she can’t have both. And yet in this one, even though she can be with Reeve now, there’s so much guilty, not just with the dead Rennie in between them, but also Mary. I really liked seeing Lillia happy in this book. I liked seeing her with Reeve even though Reeve got corny sometimes, it’s evident that he’s really deeply in love with her. But then when things take a turn for the worse with Mary, Lillia does whatever she can to save Reeve.

Kat > Kat was probably my favourite character in this novel. She changes a lot. Well, without Lillia’s urging, she mightn’t have. But in this one, they are both clearly open friends (can’t remember when they revealed that in the previous book) and lean on each other. But Kat, out of them both, she’s the one who grows the most. From the beginning of the trilogy to the end, you see her go from outcast to someone who gave social gatherings a chance and wasn’t afraid to take that chance.

Mary > Her story hits the climax in this book. I loved her chaotic madness, her desperation for revenge and payback. But, for Mary, her ending kind of disappointed me. It was like there was so much climax, and then her resolution isn’t really very satisfactory. Rather, it’s very anticlimatic.


Lillia & Reeve > their ending totally sucked. Sure I know it was fitting to the story, but it sucked. And while yes I loved the ending, loved how perfect it was for this kind of story and series, that needed an ending like this. I think it just wasn’t fair for the both of them. Though I try and rationalise how right the ending is, still, I can still say it sucked right?

Lillia & Alex > I like that they resolve their issues in this one. Poor Alex! But then, there was one thing I really hated. I hated how Lillia, the moment Reeve was threatened, she turned to Alex (even though they were fighting, he really does appear at the right moment) and I really don’t know what to think about the convenience of Lillia moving on and saying she and Reeve broke up, and yet never really explaining the truth to Alex. I don’t know, is it weird that I would have loved to have seen a seen in which she explains it? Yet at the same time I totally get why such a scene wasn’t needed. Lillia was hiding the truth, not just because she wouldn’t be believed, but because she wanted Reeve to live. Still it added to drama and I don’t know, sweet or not, Alex was way too nice.

Lillia & everyone else > Seriously, some people put Rennie on way too high a pedestal. This book really emphasises on extreme bullying and while I know bullying is a serious problem, geezzzz shouldn’t friends stick together? And yet, because Han and Vivian are geniuses, they make everything believable in this novel. They put the evens and feelings in the right places and you can’t just help but shake your head and believe in the story being told. I guess in the end, the way Lillia makes up with her friends was nice.

Kat & Oberlin > I liked her resolution, I guess it gives her a chance to move on from death, but after working so hard, it was a shame that what Kat had to give up on was a place at Oberlin…

O v e r a l l > Each character developed well. Reeve hurt the most, and at the end he was so regretful, I think his story was the saddest.

Actually. I should probably class this as a gothic novel.

Jar Island.

This is a terrible review, but I would definitely suggest it as a suggestive read. It’s so much shorter than the previous book, but it ties up the loose ends. Satisfactory conclusion, intense, a little disappointing, but good nonetheless.

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