Random Music Moment #140

I’ve been watching this Taiwanese drama lately, and this is the opening theme for it.  It might just be because I haven’t listened to a large amount of Taiwanese/Chinese pop music, but this is perhaps the first time I’ve heard something like this.  Clearly I’m highly naive in this are of music, but the way this sounds, it really reflects the theme of the drama.  Undeniably gloomy, as it’s about death, yet at the same time, it talk about issues.  But yeah, you know how sometimes it’s the score that drags you into a something rather than the plot and then later you get into the plot?  Well this was one of those cases.  I watched it mainly for the opening theme.  And now, I’m watching it for the story.  At the moment, I just finished an episode which ended on a lighter, happier note than the previous six episodes, and without a single death too, however, someone is going to die again, and I think I can guess who.  You see, every 2-3 episodes, the story shifts to the tale of a different set of people, with only two characters that are constantly appearing in every episode (they’re the main ones, though you don’t actually see much of them in the beginning).  I like this kind of story telling, you get to know your characters, see their lives, then when their story ends, you get to see some more.  It’s a good change compared to other dramas where you follow the same set of people through every episode and sometimes…it becomes a drainer.  Though mysteries/crime fiction/etc are a special case.

Today’s random music moment, Gloomy Salad Days performed by Wan Fang (萬芳)


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