Very Inspiring Blog Award; One Lovely Blog Award; & Versatile Blogger Award

Hi All, so I’ve been given the pleasure of receiving to lovely awards recently, and I must really thank Aquileana @, Liam @ LiamsLibrary and Emma@Emdoesbookreviews for the following awards.  Thank you both so much!  And Congratulations to all I nominate, which I hope covers a lot, but knowing how many blogs I see every day, I know there will be a lot of unmentioned, yet wonderful and amazing blogs out there!  Also, I would like to point out, I nominate each and everyone of these blogs to show how much I admire and appreciate one.  If you have been nominated and don’t accept awards, then please accept my appreciation for your blog in its stead and don’t worry about the technicalities 🙂 , and know that I wish to share it with others.  So thank you all for having such wonderful blogs.   Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

 Thank You again Aquileana for this beautiful award.

►Here are the Awards Rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

1) The nominee shall display the respective logo on her/his blog and link to the blogger that has nominated her/him.

2) The nominee shall nominate fifteen (15) bloggers she/he admires, by linking to their blogs and informing them about the nomination.

3) The nominee has to answer these seven (7)  questions.


1. Who is your favorite public figure? My favourite public figure?  That would be Georgette Heyer, I guess.
2. What do you like most? I like weaving stories the most, but then, there are a lot of things I like the most.  I like stopping and looking at the clouds, and taking pictures of them.  There’s something so wonderfully ordinary about them.
3. Do you follow trends?  Not really.  In fact, whether its books, movies, certain slang, clothes, etc, I’m pretty much behind all the time.  I prefer my own things, and moving at my own pace.  I’d rather not have to follow something just because it’s a trend.
4. What do you do when someone gets angry? Depending on who, I would try and be as calm as possible.
5. What have you loved most?  Why is this question so hard to answer???  And I can firmly say I have no one thing that I  loved most.  I have too many things I loved.  Is it odd to say that the thing I loved the most was my old laptop?  It saw me through good and bad writing times, and sure it’s just a piece of technology, but it was the very first personal item that I owned that I could indeed write my stories on without an old fashioned pen and paper.
6. Do you have causes?  No, not really.  
7. What quality do you admire most?  In people? Honesty.  I like it when people can just be themselves.  How ordinary, but yet, that is how I feel.  In books, emotion.  I want to feel the emotions of character, and it doesn’t matter how many times a plot like that is done, so long as the character is well formed, and expressive, as well as relatable, then I will love the story.


1. Poison For The Senses

2.  I Am A Writing Monkey

3.  Story Smitten

4. RenxKyoko’s Space

5.  Walking with the Alligators

6. Retireediary

7. Dock Kitty

8. Terry1954

9. Kindness Blog

10. Good Time Stories

11. You’ve Been Jaded

12. Written Word Worlds

13.  Flashlight City Blues

14.  Emdoesbookreviews

15.  Battered Wife Seeking Better Life


Thank you Liam for this Lovely Award!

Here are the guidelines:

1) Thank the person who nominated you for the award.

2) Add the One Lovely Blog Award logo to your post and/or blog.

3) Share 7 facts/or things about yourself.

4) Nominate 5 bloggers you admire.


1.  In summer, there is nothing more acceptable than a good pile of figs to eat, I love figs the most during summer.

2.  Most of the books I read come from the library, and all those that I own but haven’t read, have a tendency to sit on my shelf for a long period of time before I can bring myself to read them.

3.  I have a tendency to be clingy with the things I love the most (though in a relationship I will hold back to give space, but make sure that I love my partner alot of course!) ad find it difficult to part with them, even though they’re old or broken or not really much use any more.  Hence why I tend to have the same piece of technology for six years and more.

4.  I eat rice with almost anything, but if I have a dinner meal that doesn’t consist of rice (and perhaps another kind of grain) then I’ll most likely be hungry throughout the night.  It’s funny, even though I only eat rice with perhaps some small side dish, I’d still be fuller than when I eat a dinner meal (might be a full dish) without it.

5.  I like to go cloud gazing.  Not just for the shapes, but because I like seeing the different patterns in the sky.  And you’ll probably more often than not see more pictures of clouds in my phone than of people.

6.  Even though I’m Pisces, I don’t exactly like eating fish.  But this might be related to the fact that we cook fish whole at home rather than filleting them, and because of that, I find it incredibly troublesome, avoiding all those bones, big and small, just to eat my fish.

7.  While I’m on the topic of food, I actually have a very economic diet.  I eat enough for each meal, snack in between but would be pretty happy to go without food in between meals.


1)  Apple Pie and Napalm  — Great Blog, and love the name and design too!

2)  The Savvy Senorita — A lovely blog indeed!

3) The Happy Lifeaholic –What can I say?

4) Harvesting Hecate — Always lovely!

5) Leanne Cole Photography — Beautiful as always.

versatile-blogger-award versatile-blogger-award-pic

Thank You Emma for this wonderful Award!


1. Show the award on your blog

2. Thank the person that has nominated you.

3. Share 7 different facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 blogs of your choice

5. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination.

THE SEVEN FACTS (additional, well aren’t you lucky to learn a bit more about me? 😛 ):

1)  I have been to 2 primary schools, 3 high schools (since I’m in Australia, that’s including middle school, and none of my high schools, I’ve actually attended twice), and 1 university.

2)  I’m obsessed with Eurovision and must catch it every year.

3)  I have three dogs, two of whom are still puppies, and adorable little rats.  They’re all part Jack Russell, the two pups though, are half pomeranian.

4)  Did I mention clouds?  Oh yes I did lol.   Well okay, here’s another cloud fact about me, I did my yr 12 art-photography portfolio on cloudscapes.

5)  Reading is good for writing.  Writing is good for writing.  But reflection is the best for writing.  Thinking about what you’re writing and then making the changes to improve it.

6)  I pretty much have a very open minded taste of all things and usually am willing try anything (any genre, or type) when it comes to movies, books and other creative stuff.  I don’t believe in restricting oneself to one genre or style or type, it doesn’t allow for development nor for a wider scope of what’s actually available to read out there.

7) Which brings me to my last fact on this page.  I love my Book Club:  The Quarterly Book Club and can’t wait to experiment with books I never thought about reading (which despite my previous fact, is a lot.  Since there are times where even I dismiss something based on the cover or premise).  P.s.  I know, it’s shameless advertising the Quarterly Book Club, but hey, I believe in and want to have as many book discussions with any and every one who wants to!


1.  Belsbror

2.  Nirvana’s Pocketful

3. Liamslibrary

4. Chester Maynes

5. Dear Kitty.  Some Blog.

6.  Howdy YAL

7.  Darly – Lifestyle Blog

8.  Beautiful Insanity

9. My Success is Your Success

10. Christian Mihai

11. Richard Ankers

12. B00kreader

13. Legends of Windemere

14.  Stars Rain Sun Moon

15. Helen Valentina

Thank you all and congratulations to your beautiful blogs.  I wanted to nominate some of your for two awards, but well, too many…anyway, CONGRATULATIONS!

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