Dark Inside; Something So Dark.

How do we stand up

in the face of despair?

To fight against the

Storm, the hanging cloud

Over heads?

How do we look beyond

What stares at us in the face?

It seems impossible.

It is impossible.

It can’t be possible.

It drowns us through

And through

Washes us over

And over,

It clings to us,

Taking over our minds

Dipping us deeper

In the dark recesses

Of our greatest fears.

It may not bring tears

To the eyes,

But it is the same…

Unending sadness,

Weighted hopelessness

Unrestrained fearfulness,

That though we fight

May not fight

Wish to defeat,

There is a light


Just waiting for that moment

That time to shine

Down on us below

Deep in that dark cavern,

We all hope

To find the happiness

That will take away this

Endless sadness,

But we all know

Only some of us…

But still we must try…

For why should we let

Something so dark

Decide our fate?

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