Random Music Moment #137

Today’s random music moment is Ticking Bomb by Aloe Blacc which I heard while watching The Expendables 3.  And yes, I’m kind of a sucker for old style action movies full of plenty of big explosive scenes and bullets being fired out of machine guns and wicked awesome looking guns that result in a thousand pointless deaths even if it kind of looks really cool.  I grew up watching Arnold Schwarzenegger after all, Terminator 2 and Kindergarten Cop are a few of my favourite movies (even if sometimes when I watch movies where he’s not an emotionless cyborg, I think he’s really…not that great an actor).  So I can’t really not watch a good action movie.  Anyway moving back to the point, I chose Ticking Bomb as today’s Random Music Moment, because it was a song that really got me into the movie (well kinda, since I think I was distracted by the fact that it reminded me of the song that they use on the tourist ad for Adelaide and the Barossa Valley — which honestly, was a really awesome ad, totally made me want to go there even though I don’t really like South Australia much).


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