A Moment of Peace

Is so hard to find,

Yet we strive for it,

Search for it,

And spend the time to work

Just a little harder

So that in those moments,

A chance comes by

And we slip away

Out of sight,

And sit in that quiet place

And close our eyes,

And revel in our moment of peace,

To forget about our troubles,

And take the time to think about ourselves

Or to not think at all

And just appreciate the world we live in

Even if for just for one moment,

When nothing else exists

But you and the world,

And the thoughts the dwell

In the recesses of your mind,

Waiting to be thought about

Reminisced about

Smiled and cried about.

For such a little moment of time

In the long life span of our short lives

This moment of peace

Is just as precious

As all those others moments

Of family time

Friend’s time

And stressful hours.

[Notes] Originally I didn’t know what to write, having lacked the time and the inspiration, and then I realised, it was because I was being so busy, or having so much piled on me even though I wanted to do all the things that were handed to me.  So I realised just how important finding that moment of peace is!

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