The December Book Galore.

Soooooooo during the time  of specials and sales, what better time than December for going on a crazy book buying binge?  I have been meaning to do it for many weeks, particular after finishing uni for the year, I needed to binge on books gladly.  And trust me….when I finished up uni, I was about 40 books into my Goodreads reading challenge.  Not only did I go easy on myself this year for my challenge, I was seriously behind and it was driving me nuts.  SO from the end of October to now, I have been going on a borrowing spree from the library, and in the space of a few weeks, finished my challenge to my glee.  But when I get started with books and shelves and more books, I can’t help but go book exploring whenever I’m out and within the vicinity of a bookstore or a shelf filled with books.  And when they’re on sale….my fingers twitch and well…I go a little nutty.  I become a little obsessed with wanting to fill the empty spaces on my bookshelf (there should be none!) and well….I start buying like crazy.  It’s good that I have gift cards to satiate my spurge, otherwise I might be a little out of pocket just for my obsession lol.

So Here It Is:


The List:

Poison Princess; Kresley Cole – I’ve already read this, but I’ve been looking for this all year as a copy to own.  For those of you who might remember, I reviewed this earlier this year as a Suggestive Read, and I loved it.   I know I’ll definitely read this again, not just for the pairing, but for the world as well, and for the game.  I didn’t think I would find it on shelves, but walking into a random store in a shopping centre I rarely go to, there is was, sitting there on the shelf telling me, Buy Me! After spending so long trying to find it on shelves, I didn’t even hesitate, and for $5 too!

The Golden Lily; Richelle Mead – Out of the entire Bloodlines series, The Golden Lily was the only one that had a cover I loved the most.  The story in it too was just too good. While the other books get even more exciting, The Golden Lily really cemented my love for this series.  And getting my hands on a copy that was only $2 rather than $10 or $14 at other stores was just a miracle!

Keys To The Repository and Bloody Valentine; Melissa de la Cruz – Both are short stories of the Blue Bloods series that I intend to read based on good recommendations from my friends.  And being on sale, I figured, why not grab something to get me started?

Circle of Silence; Carol M. Tanzman – This was more of a spontaneous buy.  I didn’t have any intention of reading this before I saw it on the shelf, but after reading the premise on the back and also checking out other reviewer’s opinions, I decided to give it a try.  It looks like a good mystery and being on sale for $5, it’s not so much a loss.  Excited to read this!

All Our Yesterdays; Cristin Terrill – Another spontaneous buy, but I really liked the sound of the premise.

Imaginary Girls; Nova Ren Suma – One of my favourite reads.  It’s a little strange but there’s magic realism in this, and I did love the flow of the writing. So I definitely wanted the chance to read this again without having to borrow it from the library.

The Girl With The Iron Touch; Kady Cross – Just the sequel I’m up to!  Shame though, I thought this was only a trilogy, yet when I got home, I realised, there is still one more book after this one.  Although I sometimes don’t think too highly of this series, I still like the whole steampunk-ness of it.  Plus, I read the first book for that awesome cover: Girl In The Steel Corset.

The Secret Circle: The Divide; L.J. Smith (Aubrey Clark) – I had no idea that some of the Secret Circle books were written by a ghostwriter.  But well, I’ve been curious about this series since I learnt that there was a tv show based on it.  Other than that though, I have always loved anything witchy.

Heir of Fire; Sarah J. Maas – So I bought this early on in December, perhaps it was very late November, but it was the first book I bought for my binge, and sadly, I did not find Crown of Midnight on shelves either, so while I was excited to read this, I’m a stickler for doing things in order.  I was ecstatic though when I got this!

A Thousand Pieces of You; Claudia Gray – Good reviews and recommendations from friends put this one in my shopping basket.  Oh and yeah, I was standing in the bookstore with it open, and reading it….I didn’t want to stop, so I figured I’d buy it lol.  And would have finished it by now if I hadn’t had a whole Library To-Read pile to get through.

Crown of Midnight; Sarah J. Maas – THIS FINALLY CAME IN YESTERDAY.  When I opened my mailbox and saw it sitting there, I nearly scared the pants off the whole neighbourhood, I was that excited.  Since I couldn’t find it in stores, I ordered it online, and at a good price too, $5!  I just hated waiting, but when it finally came, I could actually stick it between Throne of Glass and Heir of Fire.  YESSSS.

And Those, my dear readers, are the books that I bought this December a part of my Book Buying Binge.  What about you?  Did you buy any books this December that you’ve been dying to own?  Or read?  And if you didn’t buy books, did you buy or receive something that you have been dying to have for a long time?

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6 thoughts on “The December Book Galore.

  1. You have the beautiful throne of glass coverssssss. I can’t wait till I can get my hands on that big set! Also, I’m happy you bought some of the books in the blue bloods series! I’ll do my tag tonight!

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