Split Second (Pivot Point #2). Kasie West.

15792316Split Second
by Kasie West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Loved it. Omg just loved it. Staying up to read it…god I want to read Laila’s side again. Review In Full when my brain isn’t tired or spinning with how much I’m fangirling right now, and I seriously do not fangirl that much on the whole.

2 points: 1) the twist was different to PP and while predictable it was still surprising and 2) the romances were both to die for this time. Oh and 3) Duke is such an effing jerk!

**Updated Review**
I don’t want to tell you that this is something that you as a reader of YA should read, because really, that’s just not cool. You can read what you like when you like. But yet, in me is a fan of a good story and a good non-eye rolling romance and this little fan of mine is telling me to tell you, a reader of YA fiction, that you need to read this series. Oh yes. This is a must read. because in my opinion, it’s very rare for me to find a book that actually reaches the expectations placed on top of it. This series was recommended to me by a friend and so it came with a lot of anticipation and expectation even though I told myself to begin with, don’t get overly excited, or you will disappoint myself. But really, who has ever managed to not get overly excited after being told that something was really awesome and then when you go to try it out for yourself, you get…disappointed? That is so me. And it happens a lot because I love getting excited, and I love having expectations met. But most of the time, they don’t. With Pivot Point and Split Second though, I was literally blown out of my seat. Though how can I have literally been blown out of my seat? I should have been more specific. It was my mind that had been blown out of its seat. Seriously, I haven’t read a story as entertaining intense as Pivot Point and Split Second for a long while. Both books, I must say felt perfect.

The plots, though you think they’re predictable and probably are, were just as astonishing upon the reveal anyway. This is one thing I absolutely could not make up my mind about since I really thought I had guessed it, and then things cooled down, and then bam, I was totally hit with my previous guess, a guess I had dismissed when I was so sure the story was about to finished. SO yeah, I’m a bit stunned over that little bit in Split Second. I guess, I give West credit points for that. Split Second though takes a slightly different approach in relation to plot. Rather than two parallel stories that eventually meet at a point of no return, SS’s plot is told from two perspectives, Addie/Addison and Laila, and they are both unravelling the same thing. So truthfully, it was not as exciting as Pivot Point’s plotline, but it was still exciting nonetheless. What I liked came in later on. I liked the unravelling of the backstory between Laila’s love interest and Laila’s brother and a number of other characters. I thought that was really awesome, and I loved the bit of world building there. It does kind of suck a little that this kind of world only gets two books. But hey, I actually love it when an author does not continuously write stories in the same world, adding more and more. Not that Im complaining because there are some worlds that are just so …. unbelievably built, they need all those extra trilogies and sequels. And I feel that the world in Pivot Point and Split Second could definitely be built into something bigger and greater and developed even more than what we have already seen. But well, West only intends to write two books, sad, but that brings me to the next point:

THE ROMANCE dun dun dunnnn!

I make a big deal out of this, because from the get go, the romance was a big part of the series. In Pivot Point Addie had chose between living as a Para and living as a Norm, and ultimately, she was choosing which relationship to get into, the one with Para Duke or the one with Norm Trevor. Now if you’ve read my review/suggestive read of Pivot Point you would have noticed me gushing a little about Trevor. His introduction to Addie was just to die for. The description, however normal it seemed, seemed to actually make Trevor seem so much hotter, and trust me, I don’t usually take lightly to cowboys since well, where I live, cowboys are rare and imagery of them is generally twisted, and well, they can be smexy but sometimes they can be just…*facepalm*. But with Trevor, Kasie West made him look so attractive from his first meeting with Addie, and well, I was totally rooting for them, and not just them, I was rooting for Trevor in general. So it sucked a little that I didn’t get to have a little reminder description of Trevor in Split Second. Still, Trevor was awesome as usual in Split Second. But he wasn’t who I ended up focussing on in Split Second, oh no, it was the other one, it was Laila’s story and Laila’s love interest that I was totally focussing on. We all knew (no lie or spoiler about it) that Trevor and Addie were eventually going to get together, and that through the course of the novel, Addie would eventually remember him and in some way she would convince him to accept her Para-ness. So yeah, I was definitely more drawn to Laila’s story.

And yep, remember the thing about cowboys?

Well, Laila’s love interest, Connor (I know, it feels like a spoiler right? But really…it isn’t, you can tell right from the start that it’ll happen. So it’s how it happens that had me going) is actually more the type of guy I would be drooling over in a book. He’s definitely my kind of book crush, just like Trevor is definitely Addie’s type of guy. And I absolutely loved him with Laila. He comes across as totally badass to begin with, but as the story goes on and things develop, you come to realise all those times he had been badass with all his badassery, he had either taken a guess or had kinda misread the situation or was totally leading Laila on. Laila, the kind of girl who loves no man choosing to hold power over them anyway she can. And of course (just a little clichéd, but without it, you wouldn’t have this awesome romance) Connor is the one guy who doesn’t make sense and doesn’t immediately fall for her charms. There are so many scenes right now I could just replay and die over, because they just ramp up the chemistry between both Laila and Connor so badly…….oh damn….now I’m drooling.

My point is, a good romance is always welcome. Heh and lately the bar of my expectations has been Ruby and Liam from The Darkest Minds and Sydney and Adrian from Bloodlines. There are a few other favourites, but those two are standing out for me, and well…now both the relationships in Pivot Point and Split Second are joining the list. Because really, sometimes I find it very hard to not roll my eyes over the cheesiness of romances in YA. And sometimes it’s hard not to get bored about how simple some of the relationships are. But Both Addie’s and Laila’s relationships are straightforward (without a doubt and no real triangle, since really…Duke never had a chance to begin with) so I don’t have to roll my eyes over stupidity and actually believe in the romances, and also, these romances in PP and SS don’t overshadow character personalities or other major plot lines. Which is perfect.

Yep definitely perfect.

So if you want a good fast read with a good romance and plot too, then you should definitely give this two-book series a try. Definitely.

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