Beauty Is Relative

I look at this sentence

“She is the most gorgeous of all”

And think what an overstatement that is,

That is something only in your opinion,

And I hardly share it at all,

Don’t include me in your thinking,

That this girl is the most gorgeous of all

Because really,

What is ‘gorgeous’?

What is ‘beauty’?

It is within the shape of every brow

Thick or thin,

In the lips, narrow and wide,

In cheeks,

High, low or fat,

In eyes,

Big and bright,

Small and intelligent,

Curious and brave.

What is ‘pretty’?

What is ‘attractive’?

That is which resides in the shape,

And size, and temperament

Of you and I,

Tall, thin, thick, petite,

What does it mean to be…

Someone beautiful?

Someone ugly?

Isn’t it all just relative?

The way we think?

The way I see it,

We are all someone ‘gorgeous’

A ‘beauty’ to those who matter,

Someone ‘pretty’ and ‘attractive’

No matter what imperfections

Are perceived as ‘ugly’.

So don’t include me in your thinking

That that girl is ‘gorgeous’

For though she might be

To me,

There is probably someone I think

Who is more gorgeous than that,

Even if I am the only one who thinks so,

Isn’t that all that matters to me?

Beauty is relative,

Face and otherwise,

For we cannot all be

The imaginary,


Definition of ‘perfection’,

Beauty, after all, is merely ‘relative’.


6 thoughts on “Beauty Is Relative

  1. Excellent! I believe that beauty cannot be compared and therefore does not need to be relatively measured. Beauty essentially is a quality of ones heart and hearts are like a hidden pearl deep down the ocean that only a few would ever touch.

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