Pivot Point (Pivot Point #1). Kasie West.

Pivot Point (Pivot Point, #1)Pivot Point
by Kasie West

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had quite a time deciding how I should write this review. Honestly, I have no qualms about spoiling anything, mostly because I am the kind of person who would be more than willingly listen to and read about spoilers simply because they make me more excited about the book or movie in question. However, I won’t destroy it for others. In fact, I want you whoever you are, to go out there and read this. If you’re someone who’s a fan of plot twists and paranormal abilities, then heck, this will definitely keep you guessing and interested. Well you might guess which it is until the end anyway.

The end was shocking.

You see, Addie has the ability to see the future. However, its not the kind of precognition ability that allows her to see all futures. Oh no, Addie’s ability is far from that. Addie can only see two futures and make her decision based on that. But when neither of the two futures look appealing….what do you do? So Addie rarely uses her ability. Even though the people around her, other genetically superior individuals with powers, who live in the compound, and are isolated from the rest of the world in order to preserve their uniqueness.

In Pivot Point, Addie reaches a point early on in the story where she must search her future and decide which is better.

From that point on, the story alternates between her future norm life — when she decides to go with her father after he divorces her mother — and her Paranormal life, that is if she stayed back in the compound.

Of course at first, either path seems very ordinary, and while there are two (I suppose) delectable guys to get to know and date. Duke (para) is overly nice and much too flirty. While Trevor (norm) is not like Duke at all, and more like Addie’s kind of guy.

The Guys
Okay, I wont lie, I really loved meeting Trevor for the first time. Not only was the description to die for, but Addie’s first words to him:

“Your eyelashes make mine want to commit suicide from shame.”

….was awesome! But really, I won’t lie, I will gush a bit about Trevor, since, well, even if guys in boots can be smexy, the way Kasie West wrote Trevor was somewhat even smexier. To add on top of this already smexy image, the fact that he used to be quarterback, and has a injury, and well he’s secret cartoonist too, it’s not really a surprise that Addie likes him. And that’s not a spoiler peoples! Because really…it’s obvious from the beginning, and while I could have rolled my eyes, their side of the romance was really cute and easy going, and well, likeable, I was more interested in the other stuff…

On the other side, you have Duke. Also on the team, and with telekinetic abilities. Not to mention that he whacked Addie in the face with a ball to begin with too. If Addie stayed on in the compound, and continued living as a norm, then she would have started dating Duke. And while it’s cute to begin with, as the novel progresses, things don’t look or feel as crystal clear any more, with a series of other events happening Addie doesn’t notice it immediately. Unfortunately, to be honest, despite the parallel futures, Duke pales in comparison to Trevor in terms of ultimate romance. And while it was cute for when it lasted, and the same goes to Addie’s romance with Trevor, I really became wayyyy more interested in the other stuff.

The Other Stuff aka The Plot
So, my favourite kind of plot is the kind that takes off from the ground and does nothing but go up, up and even higher, climaxing, before dropping steadily. I don’t even mind if it goes up and up, before lulling, and then rocketing right up there again. Because really, so long as it had a lot of action, then it was definitely going to keep me interested. This started slow. There’s no denying that West spends a good portion of the first 100 pages setting up Addie and setting up the two alternate futures. Once she is established in both futures, then the story gets really interesting. And believe me, the interesting part is not directly to the guys. It’s rather related to her father’s work and the thing is, at first, when you read this, you see the similarities in the two parallel futures. You see the same characters, but that’s it. It’s not until 2/3 into the book does everything seem to line up, and well, you gotta say, whenever someone writes a story like this, it’s just genius really. Genius when done well. And West did it really well. So well, by the end, you really feel the weight of Addie’s choice and know that Addie had no other choice.

Wow, that’s my blabbering on there, just goes to show that it’s a story to die for. Nah, it’s a twist to die for. I’m not usually a champion of plot twists (since really, some are very easy to see through), but this one was pretty good.

Pretty Good is an understatement to some, and probably an overstatement to others but this is my opinion, and I really would recommend this to anyone who wants a story that has both action and romance (of an equal quantity) and well, more action, and a character who (while sometimes I might question her choices, eventually I accepted them because the reasons behind why she would make those choices became very clear) is not whiny or a pain, and who I actually quite liked, mostly. I think her character is interesting, and I felt she was a well thought out and rounded character overall. What’s more I liked the friendship between her and Laila, and the sequel, Split Second, will be told from both their perspectives rather than just Addie’s (which I’m definitely interested in seeing! Even though normally I raise my brows at the sudden additional voice. But this is different since Pivot Point was told by two Addie’s (technically), so it makes sense that Split Second is told from two perspectives as well).

Overall, yep, I definitely recommend this. Something new, and interesting and makes me wonder where Split Second will go, and if there are additional sequels, where they would go too. It’s kind of a nice refreshing change from dystopia.

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