The Misunderstanding.

It all begins with a slight misunderstanding

Coupled with a light heart,

A sensitive soul,

And a personality the force

Of a gust of wind

And in reality, that is all it needs

For the fire to be sparked,

Force the flames to spread…

Others words are nothing,

Not even helpful, they are

But fuel for the fire,

Fuel even without meaning to…

And it spreads,



Rearing its ugly head

And even though…

When it finally settles…

When all that’s left is,

Apologies and regret,

It’s sour.

There is sourness in their hearts,

A sourness in the mouths left for those

Who watched and joined

In the chorus of defence

And attack,

And also those who were too…

Afraid to speak up

Because it is not their fault

That it became so scary.

It is not their fault at all,

But it is hard to take part,

And to stand aside,

Not knowing what to do,

Because it expanded so quickly…

Spread like wildfire

Burned so brightly, So…

Intently before dissipating

By the force of others…

Others who feel no better

Than those who had been hurt,




In the end,

We question, for those with a conscience,

Did we do right?

Did we say the right thing?

Will it happen again?

….I’ve had enough, is a thought,

Just one thought,

That might flare in the minds,

Of those who had tried to maintain the peace,

Because how does one cope?

With all that happens?

It just becomes too much…

These little misunderstandings…

It seems so difficult sometimes,

To be a little less selfish,

And to care a little more,

Of those who are looking on,

And watching,

As the seeds are sown,

As the rifts start to appear,

From just one little misunderstanding.

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