A Dying Passion.

The tears of distress

Awash me whole;

They flow undoubtedly,

Flowing evermore;

Encase me,

Suffocate me,

Strangle my throat,

Bogging it up.

I’m falling,

I’m failing,

I can’t find the place in my heart

To express the words I want to say,

There’s a pit of darkness,

And coil of something tight,

Squeezing in on me,


I want to cry

I want to scream

I want something to take away this pain,

This uncomfortable feeling of unease

The butterflies in my stomach

That churn and pool and flap away.

I have a thousand words to say,

I don’t know how to express

What shouldn’t need to be spoken

But understood with a glance,

I cannot want to drown

In this tormenting



And just when I think I am free,

I am unfettered

Unchained by the chains that bind me

By the obligations that hold me

That turns love into hate

Passion into pain

And I feel the urge, that I have never…


Wanted to feel….

It’s so sudden,

But all I want…is to painlessly drain away this pain,

This self-hatred,

This overwhelming desire.

I want to speak what’s on my mind,

Speak as I have never spoken before,

It shan’t be easy,

It shan’t be a wonderful sight,

But though love has turned to hate,

I’m sure one day,

I shall regain this love of mine,

And fine that old passion,

For surely, it’s not too late.

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