I’m baacccckkkkkkkk!

It’s…been too long.  Officially too long.  I feel awfully for disappearing for so long without so much as a word.  And with the Harry Potter challenge Sam and I had up for July (which was then extended to August, and then even longer due to unforeseen interruptions), I can’t believe I completely dropped off the line and disappeared.  Vanished.  Vamooshed.

My Excuse:  I hate using the word ‘excuse’ but then to say ‘reason’ or ‘rationale’ would be trying to smooth over my evident excuse.  Whatever word I use though, the answer remains the same.  I’m not self-centred enough to think that my disappearance meant a lot to the world, but to me, I felt awful for neglecting my blog, the one place I had committed myself to attend to daily, and at the least, weekly.  But life called and said, ‘if you don’t get moving, you’re going to fail’ and in the end, I disappeared.  My apologies first for disappearing. For those who might remember, I am/was currently undertaking my fourth year at Uni.  Fourth year is thesis year and all year I’ve been working on a thesis, which is now finished and submitted.  When I vanished, that was the moment when I had approximately 3 months left to gather data, sort it out and eventually write it up.  I’ll tell you, I feel like never doing such a thing again.  It was so intense and scary and you know, is it normal to feel so out of place when working on thesis?  The language is so…well in short, on an entirely different level.  By the end, I suppose I got a grasp (maybe an understatement, but then, I pride myself in understatements since it tends to go hand in hand with modesty, and I think I’m quite modest) of what it means to pursue a career in academics, and I feel that with time I will definitely look back and think and I thought it was hard! I know I definitely thought that when I first started uni.   However, now that this year is all over, I’m waiting anxiously for results, and also answers to what will happen next year.  I’m petrified to say the least.  But yes, my apologies to all my readers, fellow bloggers and followers for disappearing for so long.  I look forward to revisiting your blogs again!

But.  I have returned!




Remember the Challenge?  So even though I stopped posting about it on Day 7 & 8 I did in fact complete the whole challenge within the period of two months.  I would have finished it earlier if life did not spread its wings at the most inappropriate times.   However, I was not deterred, I held my wand up and told life to freeze for a moment, and eventually finished the series.  Re-reading the entire series was well, excellent.  I will probably do it again and again for the rest of my life.  As the one series I practically grew up with, I love it to death and back.  In re-reading the series from a new perspective, I’ll say, I saw things I didn’t see before.  It was also interesting to read the entire series in order, one after another.  I must say, even though I have all the books, I’ve never had the chance to read them one after another, because you know, each book comes out one year later,  and then for me, I would perhaps read the book before to catch up.  Other than that though, it’s straight on to the next instalment.  I cried again, you know (well, almost cried, I did feel my eyes go a little hot, and the burning sensation that signals tearage was present) when I read Snape’s ending.  That’s always one of my favourite highlights of the seventh book.  I also re-watched the movies, and had to really re-appreciate the beauty of the book.  There’s nothing that can quite beat the original, though the movies did a relatively good job, they still missed so many things.  Re-reading the whole series has also given me the chance to praise authors for being brilliant and thinking ahead (I know it sounds silly and very derpish, but even though I know authors think ahead and they foreshadow –as a writer, I do it myself– I just can never get over it when I really see it in action.  It’s a complete out of body experience, of a kind).

What You Missed and What I Was Thinking When I Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Below are the statuses I made on Goodreads when I was reading.  Oh…I have discovered even though I usually like to reserve my thoughts about a book until the the end, I really have a thing for the status button, and cannot resist updating how much I’ve read constantly.  An obsession, I know.

Reading Progress

07/09 marked as: currently-reading
07/10 page 100 15.0% “Ahhh Ludo Bagmen.

It’s funny there are so many people who complain about the detail relating to the World Cup as being boring and unnecessary but there are so many subplots that begin here and are later on elaborated on (and of course, left out of the movie). Like with Ludo – that guy is such a significant factor in Weasley Twins subplot particularly when you think about it.”

07/10 page 100 15.0% “>>I ran out of space on the last update
And then Winky!!! I bet we all forgot her!!! But she’s so key to not only the plot here with Barty Crouch Jr, but with Hermione’s crusade for House Elf equality in the next book!”
07/12 page 300 47.0% “Hermione and SPEW!!!”
07/14 page 515 80.0% “Lols Harry guessing the password to Dumbledore’s Office

Harry: *list of random wizarding sweets* Cochroach Clusters

*Dumbledores Gargoyle spins letting Harry in*

Harry: no way, I was joking!!!

**Harry Potter July Reread Challenge ❤

07/14 page 537 84.0% ‘…’ Said Mrs Weasley brightly. ‘I must say, it makes a lovely change, not having to cook. How was your exam?’

‘Oh…OK,’ said Ron. ‘Couldn’t remember all the goblin rebels’ names, so I invented a few. It’s all right,’ he said, helping himself to a Cornish pasty, while Mrs Weasley looked stern, ‘they’re all called stuff like Bodro the Bearded and Urg the Unclean, it wasn’t hard.’

Lols, Ron XD”

07/15 page 583 91.0% “Gawd when people start dying…you know that’s when the series has gone dark.”

What You Missed and What I Was Thinking When I Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

I didn’t have much down for this book, but then the book was massive, so I’m not surprised!  And then because I was already overtime with the original challenge timeline, and running out free time to spare, I guess there was little to say.  Not to mention, the last three-four books were the ones I’ve reread the most out of all the books!

Reading Progress

07/15 marked as: currently-reading
07/16 page 100 13.0% “Fred and George <3”
07/17 page 223 29.0% “Lols love the scene when Harry gets sent to McGonagall by Umridge and she tells him to have a biscuit after she learns that Harry called Umbridge a liar, yelled at her and told her that Voldemort was back XD <3” 2 comments
07/17 page 250 32.0% “lols with all the teachers telling Harry and the others how importnat OWLs are, I am surprised to remember starting Yr 12 VCE and hating every first class – the teachers never stopped going on and on about it, and even worse, the year level coordinator tried to make it seem less stressful but really….she made it worse ^^””
07/21 page 600 78.0% “Omg Umbridge and McGonagall, love their interactions! ❤

**For the July HP reread challenge!”

07/21 marked as: read

 What You Missed and What I Was Thinking When I Read Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

I am sad to say I had no updates for this except that I was reading it, and that I’d finished it.  Strange…I thought I had updates, but guess not :/.

What You Missed and What I Was Thinking When I Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Reading Progress

08/14 marked as: currently-reading
08/14 “Omgosh the final book of the July-August Harry Potter Re-read Challenge ! I’ve been dying to get to this book after retracing the steps of Harry’s journey.

Oh gawd, I already know what happens, but never ceases to bring tears to my eyes every time I read this book!!!”

08/19 page 300 49.0%
08/23 page 485 79.0% “**July-August HP reread challenge

–It’s getting close to Snape’s shining moment, gawd…I love his story the best T.T”

08/31 marked as: read

And that Concluded my Harry Potter Re-read challenge this year.  If you took part, or even just read the books for the sake of reading the books (it’s undeniable, it’s an awesome series, though that’s only my opinion!), tell me your thoughts!!!  Because really…I’ve to hear them!

More Updates:

So, on the Poetry, Short Stories, and 55 Fiction front, I suppose in between writing my thesis, and unblocking my writer’s block on GR, I have in fact started writing poetry again.  So keep watching, and hopefully, I’ll have some stuff up soon!  I have missed writing poetry – to be honest, I never thought I would say such a thing since after all, I was never much of a poet to begin with.  And as for Books.  I have been severely behind (thank goodness I dropped my yearly challenge on GR to about 60 books this year) on reading this year, however, now free of academic restraints for a little while, I’ve been going on a reading binge!  Finally read The Fault In Our Stars and also discovered that I have a so many YA series to catch up on and finished (you’ll never believe…the majority of the books that I’ve recently borrowed from the library are all final books of series I’ve been meaning to read for ages).  Speaking of TBR books.  Later, or tomorrow I shall be taking on Sam’s TBR tag!

Even More Updates:

I don’t know if you guys remember but a while back I started blogging about the step-by-step process on a particular production procedure of one of my amateur art rampages:  The Zodiac Project (More specifically, the Western Zodiac).  If y’all remember, I only managed to post these three:

Virgo LibraScorpio

However, in the time since, I have been able to post the entire series on my DeviantART: www.n-arteest-deviantart.com.  And given time, I will proceed with putting up the step-by-step of the rest of the series soon :).  For the whole series sneak peak though, look below:

And Lastly, The Final Update Today:

Nanowrimo: Oh yes, I’m taking part in it again this! I’m a bit behind on the word count though, and I think partway through my story, it’s a sludge to read through, however!  I’m excited to be doing something creative once more that’s solo and not relying on others.  It’s strange and it feels like I haven’t done something like this for a long time, but hell, I’m looking forward to the end of Novemeber when I feel like I’ve accomplished something (even though I have accomplished several things this year, it’s just not the same).


And that my dear Fellow Bloggers, Readers, and Friends, is all I have to say for now.   I’m glad to be back!


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