Day Two: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

It is the second day of July for me, and I am about 150 pages in that is in between working on my thesis and reading two books.  And I have also rediscovered several things.   Most of these things are things I noticed that are differences between the book and movie that I had completely forgotten, and others are just fascinating little moments.  It’s funny, I’m a reader and have read the Harry Potter books several times over and still, it seems I have forgotten some things and remembered things that weren’t in the original books !

– Uncle Vernon worked at Grunnings

– Dudley’s best friend was PiersPolkiss

– Oh! Dudley never go trapped behind the glass in the reptile section at the zoo….

– Dudley’s second room

– There IS actually a letters-in-the-eggs scene,  thought that was only in the movie, but no!

– Discovery: Hagrid told Harry about Voldemort before getting to Diagon Alley…man…it has been too long since I’ve read this book lols

– Hagrid stayed the night in that place on the island off the coast

– Harry met Draco in Madame Malkin’s.

– Discovery: Harry bought his school stuff a month before going to Hogwarts which I remembered

– Discovery: Omg that’s right Harry had a nice long convo -okay not that long- with Fred and George right before he got on the train

– Discovery: Actually maybe it should say ‘the little moments I forgot’ since right now there’s a great scene between the Weasley family right before the train leaves

– Discovery: The spell that Ron and Hermione use on the train in the movie is not actually in the book. and the train ride is so much longer lols

– Yup Harry bumps into Malfoy on the train again

– The ghosts turn up before they’re sorted……

– omgosh the Hogwarts song scene, the best ❤ Gotta love Fred and George and their slow funeral March tune :p

– and lastly where the movies completely leave it out – PEEVES

Yep, for those who have me on Goodreads, I kind of spammed everyone with every single one of these points.  I couldn’t help it, I forgot some of these things and thought of others in the wrong order, just goes to show how long it’s seemingly been.

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