Day One: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone




It’s started!!!  Today is the first day of the Harry Potter re-read Challenge for July that Sam and I are hosting!

I’m officially overly excited and what’s more, I really like can’t hold it in even though I’ve been slaving away for days over my thesis (it’s killing me by the way, I’ve never ever felt so inadequate as I do now that I’m working on it).  But when I held the first Harry Potter book in my hands, I was surprised, it’s so light, it’s also barely over 200 pages.  And it’s old.  Yes, the version I have is age worn.   It is sadly, a little discoloured from the fact that for several years it had sat on my windowsill exposed to the sun.  It also has my name and my brother’s name scrawled over the inner cover to alert others that it belonged to us.  And yet, it’s not gross in anyway (Samantha you’ll totally get the reference – even though it’s not referring to a library book :P) rather, it’s nostalgic.  Even the first words are nostalgic.  But there you go.  It’s the first day of the challenge, it’s also the first book, and the magic is already there.

I am excited,

To once again,

For the hundredth time,

To take this journey once more.

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6 thoughts on “Day One: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

    • Oh my! I’d say you’re missing out, but then, you might not be. Depends on what you’re into. I grew up with them, so it was hard for me to miss 🙂

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