Harry Potter Re-read Challenge!

Hey all!!!


So firstly, deep apologies everyone, I have been away and will continually be so on and off for the rest of the year due to the fact that I am currently slaving away writing myhonours thesis.  Which my overly optimistic brain is being exhausted and stressed out about on a constant daily basis.

However, for something fun, me and Sam over at  Poison For The Senses have decided to do a Harry Potter Re-read Challenge, mostly because we were chatting and suddenly feel into a nostalgia about how we grew up reading Harry Potter and that in many ways, it’s a very special series for the both of us.  And then bam! There it was, why not have a re-read challenge, not just for us to revisit a series that we adore and love, but a series that many others do too.  I know for me it has always surprised me if someone I know hasn’t read the series since it was so popular but of course, understandably, not everyone shares my love for it.  But for those who do you’re entirely welcome to join Sam and I as we take the Challenge in July to re-read all seven of the Harry Potter novels!

July 2014 Challenge Page Link: Click  Here

Beginning of July, you will have this:

See the gorgeous seven books?

Well, by the end, you should be like this:


Or at the very least, I shall!  My reprieve for the year, a journey I’m happy to retake again, and totally, absolutely, can’t wait!


Love from,


Your fellow blogger, friend, writer, procrastinator XD


P.s. I’m totally adding this:


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