Enchanted. Alethea Kontis.

12180248 by Alethea Kontis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

I found this quite strange. At first I thought it would be a slowly unfolding love story between Sunday and Prince Rumbold, with the story centering around her meeting with him in the woods. But then, he gained his human form and the story changed pace. I felt a little deceived again, like I had with
Shinobi Life, Vol. 01
. This story doesn’t just centre around a love story, but it’s about the twisted ties between Sunday’s family, Rumbold’s family, and a whole lot of fae magic.

The Story
I thought it was complex and well-woven. It had me asking, over and over, what happened? What happened? Because there’s mystery all the way through. I love that that it was a while bunch of fairytales woven into one, intricately woven, cleverly so. There was Jack and the beanstalk, princess and the pea, the princess and the frog/the frog prince, the story about the shoe that I forgot what it’s called, and a whole bunch of others that were referenced to. It was an interesting story, I’ll say, and I liked the whole fairytales and words hold a whole lot more power, yet I also felt it’s the kind of story that can feel either “great-complex-intricate-and-done cleverly” or “it-was-trying-too-hard-to-incorporate-a-complexity-of-ideas-and-didn’t-match-up-to-the-ideal”. For me, it was the first, because I did enjoy it in the end. I appreciated the complexness, the world that Kontis created, and to some degree, the characters (though not Sunday much, surprisingly!)

The Telling
I thought this was written relatively well, to interweave so much into the story and create a plot that combined it all, I thought was pretty amazing (though I will say it again, if it wasn’t written the way it was, then I would have thought it was terribly done). It was well plottedI think. And the pacing is a little weird, because at first, it’s only from Sunday’sperspective that we read the story, but then, Rumbold returns to his human form and it becomes his story too. There were moments when one wonders what’s going on because Rumbold just had a weird dream and whatnot,which did throw me off at times, but it added another dimension to the story, that were it writtne by someone else and not done well, then I might have hated it. Unfortunately though, what I wanted to know the most, about Rumbold’s missing year, was left vague, rather just him find out, and us, the reader, not knowing. I wanted to know!

The Characters
All the characters were very creative and colourful, and fairytale-like! I liked them. But the main characters, Sunday and Rumbold. Hmm, I did like Sunday, but she seemed a little bland for me. I liked Rumbold’s character much more because I wanted to know more about his story, which was not full explored, but what was, it was very interesting.

I’m very curious to read the companion novels, because I just really liked Enchanted’s world, and I want to know more about Thursday who’s married to the Pirate King!

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