Random Music Moment #130

So First off, sorry guys!  I’ve been busy with uni stuff.  It’s weird being an Honours student, I’m one year older, and well, I’ve technically finished a degree.  But yet the level of work, it’s different even though it’s somewhat the same, and I’ve yet to adjust from Undergrad level to half posgrad level.  It’s stressing me outt…..AND so I’m taking a break from my blog (temporarily) and not posting everyday. But I’ll try and get stuff asap like when I procrastinate….haha

Anyways to today’s post, I heard this song on the new TV show showing down under, it’s called Resurrection, heard of it?  It’s interesting.  But mostly, it was the promos that got me to watch the first episode.  And I’ll say, it wouldn’t have been a success if it weren’t for this song:

Today’s RMM is Gabrielle Aspen’s The Power of Love


I love it because she’s got this great voice that’s really endearing in this song.Really powerful too.  And the overall tone of this song…love it.


And the Promo:


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