Silver. Kazuko Fujita.

6670295シルバー 1
by Kazuko Fujita

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I liked this even more than I liked Gold Vol. 1. While I thought Gold was good, I also felt it was a bit wishy washy and Bronte…a bit of pain to deal with. Silver though, this was completely different. And I loved it.

The Plot
Geraldine Francis is the innocent daughter of a wealthy aristocrat. Being sheltered all her life, she is oblivious to her cousin Charles’ true intentions when he lures her in and makes her fall hopelessly in love with him. It is only after the murder of her father that she realizes his love was nothing but love for the money and the land that came with her name. She vows revenge, and she throws away her past in order to become “Silver,” the perfect woman. With a new face, and a new lease on life, she will turn the tables on the man whom she once loved so that this time, it is he who will be left with nothing.

The Characters
Omg, Geraldine, though she calls herself “Silver” for most of the book, is probably one of the best Harlequin characters I’ve come across in all the harlequin mangas that I’ve read. I love her back story the best, though I hate that she’s so stupid at first. Then again, at her age, with her heritage and childhood, it’s no surprise why she was like that. What’s best about Geraldine is that she grows. Her character develops really well and she never walks backward, always ready to move forward, even though she was close to giving up at one stage for the sake of Jake. This actually kind of reminds me of Revenge to be honest…Geraldine’s story, but then again it’s also very different.
Jake Fitton. Omg Jake is completely smexy and blind (temporarily, even though it’s for most of the series). Jake was formerly Geraldine’s tutor, but then he was fired, had a life, lost his love, and met Geraldine again, under different circumstances where he was unaware that the “Silver” in front of him was the same girl he’d tutored and developed feelings for previously. This time, he has to teach her how to be a lover, seductress and enchantress so that she can get her revenge. I think the chemistry between these two are really intense as well as rife with so many other complications and past memories. Jake’s a great love interest, with his own revenge plot, it’s hard to see him not at Geraldine’s side!
Charles. The two faced cousin of Geraldine, who used her, threw her away and made a mess of the fortune and title that he’d wanted in the first place because of his womanising ways. He’s dealt drugs, and a complete charmer when needs to be, he has a character as complex as the lovely Geraldine “Silver” Francis and Jake Fitton. But he’s Geraldine’s target. And not long before she’s within his sights, does he fall for her temptation, and fall for her. Even though it’s sad what happens to him, the way the story is written, even though he’s the villain, there’s also sympathy for him. Spoiler Alert!   [I guess my favourite part of the entire series is the part where Geraldine haunts him, not only that, ruins his engagement by showing his fiancee’s family what he’s doing with their money. And he knows it’s her, except he forgives her because he’s totally in love her, and she’s a very good actress holding him within her grasp.]

England/Scotland for parts (I forgot which one it was), Switzerland for most.

The original novel was by Penny Jordan, and this manga was written the same way the story was. It’s set in the present, then for several chapters it’s the background story of Geraldine Francis before returning to the present and going from there. I liked it. It gives me the time to really get a feel of the main protagonist and decide that I actually want to continue reading it.
The artwork, beautiful. I love this mangaka’s artwork, always!

This one is so much better than Gold Vol. 1. It feels more together, mashing mystery, a revenge plot, and romance together, in good lovely heavy spade fulls, and it never feels overdone, over exaggerated or just plain dumb. I really enjoyed reading this!

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