Unfinished Thoughts.

The thought begins,

As the words tumble out of your mouth,

It builds in anticipation,

Waiting in line for its turn,

Queuing patiently,

Wearing a patiently impatient smile.

It drifts away, and comes back

When it notes it’s still in line,

With the queue of words ahead,

Not getting any shorter.

They sliding off the tongue,

One phrase at a time,

One sentence at a chunk,

One paragraph.


The night has fallen,

And the thought hangs ten,

Waiting in the cold confines,

Of the busy mind,


Knowing well,

They are words and thoughts meant to be said,


They are joined, one by one,

Phrase by phrase,

Sentence by sentence,

Pages and pages,

Of more thoughts and feelings,

Waiting to be said.

But sometimes…

They age, from memory to the abyss…

Fading, disappearing,

Become something once thought…



Sitting in the back of the mind…

Hoping to be remembered,

These thoughts,

Of thoughts,

Of half phrases

Half sentences,

Half thoughts,



These Unfinished Thoughts.


10 thoughts on “Unfinished Thoughts.

  1. I loved the way you gave ‘thoughts’ life and personality and made the whole creative experience the more vivid for it. I know, too well, the thoughts that remain or fade in the head and those which actually make it onto the page. Reflective and stimulating piece which I thoroughly enjoyed

    • Thank you! It seems like there are always thoughts and things that are meant to be said that aren’t, and it’s just part of human nature. I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was actually an unexpected poem

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