Random Music Moment #128

After I finished reading Endless Knight I went around looking at other reviews and also for the backcover, which I eventually found (if you click on the book title I just mentioned it’ll take you to my suggestive read and to the cover)!  One of the reviews I read was by the Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club which I have to say a pretty incredible and indepth review that covered everything from the actual review to quotes to a fan cast to a playlist.  I thought the playlist was pretty good and suited each segment well!  See:

But then, because I thought it was cool that there was a playlist on this particular book blog, I went around and looked at all the other reviews (they totally have to thank me for their immense number of views lol! :P) and after look at nearly all of them, I found the Poison Princess review and well, hello~! looks like I found another playlist.  This time, looking like this:

I liked the playlist for Poison Princess better.  But the thing is, it’s totally thanks to this book blogger that I’ve discovered my latest music obsession: Imagine Dragons. I’ve always been into rock, alternative rock and acoustic stuff (the only pop I like being anything Eurovision lol)and I’ve actually heard bits and pieces of Imagine Dragons, as well as seen their namein places and on things, but I never actually thought about listening to them properly, because well, as you all know, I don’t know much about music, and I don’t really follow it.  I just blog random music moments, moments that come to me randomly because of some song or other.

But this.  Well, I’m not just gushing about Imagine Dragons, because hell, I’m not music blogger lol.  But what I will gush about is this song:  Radioactive by Imagine Dragons  and it’s relation to The Arcana Chronicles (Poison Princess and Endless Knight) because really, their lyrics are awesome!

And I totally know why that blogger decided to add it to their Poison Princess playlist, what better song to describe an apocalypse than Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive? I think the video is interesting (although when I think of this song, I think of the Arcana Chronicles lol, and I like the toys nad bears lol.  Today’s Random Music Moment (which I was late to catch on to!):

And then, the trailer for Endless Knight becuase I love it and think it’s well done, enjoy!:


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