Scorpio. The Zodiac Project #3.

SOOOOO it’s been too long since I last posted one of these.  I’m surprised at myself for only previously posting two.  It might because I don’t like Scorpio as much as all the others that I did.  But her design, well, it wasn’t too difficult, since she’s considerd the sex symbol of the group, ruled by her/they’re genitalia lol.  So the design:

2013-05-18 23.14.28

Source: me
The easy part. Stage 1 complete!

So a little bit about her design.  Once again, it’s ancient greek influenced gowns, soft and flowy tunic-like dresses.  But because Scorio is supposed to be sexy or somesuch, I was having a hard time dressing her because of the pose I’d given her.  I figured I might as well give her the least amount of clothing as possible, even though I know that less clothes doesn’t always equate to sexy!

Anyway like Virgo and Libra I did a little research on Scorpio and came up with some criteria to follow:

  1. Secretive
  2. Passionate
  3. Resolute,
  4. Insensitive,
  5. Steadfast,
  6. Painstaking,
  7. Magnetic, 
  8. Elusive,
  9. Sexy,
  10. Determined
  11. Stubborn

All of which seemed pretty reasonable.  Except my Scorpio hardly seems secretive, maybe a bit Passionate, definitely Sexy and Stubborn.  It’s so hard to create an emotive character!! I always feel as though my drawings are emotionless, but my head always ends up creating a dialogue for them towards some other imaginary character, which is a) either a sign that I am a literary genius full of creative imaginings :P or b) I’m going crazy…. . Now in my honest opinion I hope it’s ‘a’, because the idea that I’m crazy seems unreal and totally uncool!  Plus I’m pretty sure my head is screwed on tight because I know exactly what I’m doing 24/7, I know it so well, I think it’s boring lol!

When I was drawing Scorpio in this pose I had issues with her arms and how they were placed so I remember spending hours in front of the mirror posing (gosh so narcisstic lol) and finding the the right way to fit all the puzzle pieces together lol.

But once that was done and Stage 1 was completely, I went and did Stage 2:

2013-05-19 23.43.05

Source: me
Stage 2 complete!

Unlike the air elements: Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, where their Stage 2 colour pencil drawings are relatively the same across all three, the water elements designs differed.  Mostly because when I first drew Cancer, the design I had wasn’t really malleable to the other two.

The background.  While Virgo was complex with flowers and trees and a greeny background, and Libra was relatively ‘airy’ with light colours and a cloud-like background, Scorpio’sbackground is slightly different to most. It’s got a more solid colour as the backgroud, with a stormy pattern.  It’s water-like, yet it’s also kind of dark and grim.  I don’t like it as much as Libra or Virgo, but well, it’s still one of twelve.   At least has what I was aiming for.  What remains the me across all twelve zodiacs is: 1) girl dressed in ancient greek influenced gowns; 2) the background is a vivid array of colour and texture; 3) there is either a faint or strong impression of the element present;  and 4) there’s shadows that take up a portion of the frame, and to contrast the other portion must in a sense ‘glow’.

Once again, must thank these love Deviants on Deviantart for their great brushes that greatly assisted the creation of Libra by N-arteest!

Brushes for the Background:
Sky and Water: [Here] 
Floral Brushes: [Here]
Koi/Carp Brushes: [Here]
Brushes for the bubble effect:
Anticipation Brushes: [Here]

So the process of Stage 3:  I used different layers and messed with the layer style to create different effects.  I think there were about three layers for this background.  For the glowing flowers, there were also about three layers, each a different colour, but all of them with the same blending option (outer and inner glow with a pale yellow colour) – I thought this effect was really cool. Most importantly, because I was going for a contrast between black and white (original sketch), and colour (the photoshopped background), I masked the original sketch using the mask tool. And I guess I really love the mask tool, because it definitely selects the area much better than the select too, and it’s also much more effective for blending in an original sketch and a photoshopped background.  Feathering the edges of the selection also blends in the scanned object ad the background much better (of course, you have to feather it before you start working on the background lol!)

And Wah-la!  Stage 3 complete!

And lastly, so I’ve mentioned there were twelve.  I will slowly reveal all twelve soon, if you’re still interested, keep watching!  (Also, if it sounds like I’m bragging, I apologise!!!)

—-ALSO feel free to comment about the subject of Scorpio, my research was pretty scattered and varied to things related to the sketch, relevant or not, so I feel pretty bad, so if you have some interesting facts about being a Scorpio, Scorpios and whatnot, tell me! I’m always interested in learning more.


Scorpio by ~ N-arteest on deviantART


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