Princess of the Silver Woods. Jessica Day George.

12873027Princess of the Silver Woods
by Jessica Day George

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Great third book. I loved it.

This is Jessica Day George’s retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. It’s also the third book in her Princess series and well, it’s justone step better than Princess of Glass, a book that I absolutely loved. Like Princess of Glass, Princess of the Silver Woods is another companion novel to Princess of the Midnight Ball. And like it’s predecessors, it’s a retelling of an age-old fairytale.

Quite frankly, even though there’s a lot of Red Riding Hood in this, there is also very little. Because there are so many events in between the moment when Petunia first set out to the moment when she walks through the woods, or in this case, the silver woods.

At First, I was a little confused too with the chronological order of the time line between the first book and this book. But once the recap was over, and the story started moving, it couldn’t be helped that I got into it right away.

Sure, the romance happens fast, just like the previous two, but I’ll say this: because it’s a fairytale retelling, I’ll let the whole instalove thing slide. Though, it’s not really instalove, because neither Petunia nor Oliver really want much to do with each other at first. It’s only after Oliver begins to understand what Petunia and her family are going through does he begin to like her like her. That or well, he’s highly chivalrous.

And Then. The plot, I love how George writes her fairytale retellings. It definitely different from other stories, and it’s definitely more than a ‘fairytale retelling’. It’s also fantasy and also has that kind of historical feel to it as well. I think I remember reading somewhere, the world of George’s Princess series is actually based on the world as it is today, just slightly different names.

But I thought it surprising, we see a return of some unsavoury characters from Princess of the Midnight Ball in this book, where in Princess of Glass, there was nothing like that. SO that was interesting. In many ways though, it makes it feel like a conclusion.

Oliver and Petunia are very cute together, much like Poppy and Christian from the previous companion novel. Although, I’ll say, since I forgot the order of the princesses and most of their names, Petunia was supposed to be youngest, but I swear at one point Oliver comments that Pansy was one year younger.

Oh Well. To end, Princess of the Silver Woods is a great fairytale retelling. I love it. And I would definitely suggest it to other lovers of fairytale retellings, and to those who have read and loved the other two companion novels.

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