Give Me Your Love

Give me your love,

With open arms,

Give me your kindness,

Without a second thought,

Give me your heart,

With all its scars,

And I will love you,

Love you til,

My heart hurts.

Through the bitter rain,

And the heat that scours the land,

If your heart breaks,

I will find its pieces,

Wherever it rests,

In the dirt,

Or in the sand.

I’ll tell you to close your eyes,

And count to a hundred,

I’ll tell you to open your mouth,

And eat one hundred pomegranates,

I’ll tell you hold out your hands,

And I’ll kiss them one hundred times.

Give me your love,

And bow to my alter,

Believe in me,

For I will be your queen,

Loving and caring,

And sparing

All that you want and need.


**I wrote this when I was reading a YA historical fiction about Kleopatra’s daughter, Kleopatra Selene. I was actualyl reading Lily of the Nile and I kinda of got caught up by the devotion she had to Isis.  It was quite interesting.

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