The Fiery Heart. Richelle Mead.

9833184The Fiery Heart
by Richelle Mead

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg, How I want Silver Shadows right now. Omg.

(I’ll say I don’t like this cover as much as the others but….)
Even though I’d heard that this was not as great as the others, and even though I heard it trumphed thelast one in surprises, I have to say, the ending frustrated me and left me wanting for so much more.

HOW can words even explain how I feel about this latest installment of the series.

I remember commenting about the change in style of the narration in my status update, before I stopped making any statuses at all. IN this installment, the story is told from both Sydney’s and Adrian’s perspective, which at first, I found strange because I was so used to Mead’s usual style of telling the story primarily from the female protagonist’s perspective. But even though it was weird, I got used to it after a while, and well, then it was just like any other Bloodlines novel.

Adrian was an interesting mind to be in, but all the things that annoyed me about him in the book before, I liked in his this time. I got to see that even though he was more mature, he was still the same old Adrian. Being in love, made Adrian loveable, even though he had always been loveable, but he seemed almost a little distant, and untouchable. But now, and I guess it’s because of the different narrating perspectives, I got to see that same Adrian, but more mature and clearly in love with Sydney. What’s more it wasinteresting to see the effect of Spirit. What was obvious to Adrian, and difficult to understand for Sydney also adds to the drama of the story and well, yeah, their love affair.

The plot. At the start it’s very slow moving, Mead takes her time introducing the elements of the plot, preparing the base and then the layers on top, adding layer by layer until BAM! the climax hits and we’re left with a cliffhanger. Typical Mead writing, and I totally loved it. She definitely knew how to keep me wanting more, since I won’t lie, this was the book that took me the longest to read over the last week (and only because I was busy!) even though I wanted to eat it up.

Intertwined with the main plot, was obviously the romance between Sydney and Adrian. Since it’s been a while since I read The Indigo Spell so I forgot a bit of what had actually happened between Sydney and Adrian. SO I was surprised by how fast their relationship progressed by the looks of the first chapter. Of course, when you’re an Alchemist, in love with a Vampire,and not even a Dhampir at that but Moroi, it’s bound to be dangerous. Between Sydney and Adrian, their relationship is squashed into the free moments when Sydney can get away from her sister,Zoe who turned up at the end of the last book, and others problems that turn up. Yet even despite all these problems, they manage to move their relationship forward. And during the moments when their relationship can be nothing but perfect, I felt like I was being lulled into a false sense of security, which I was, despite various other important and tense events taking place in between the beginning and the climax of the story.

I remember this moment, when I put The Fiery Heart down for a moment and I looked at the back cover and saw the tag line for the Bloodlines series once again: Blood Doesn’t Lie… and I couldn’t help but think about how awesome Mead is at being the master storyweaver that she is. She certainly does a wonderful job sticking close to the theme of the series, weaving a believable plot and creating intricate relationships between the characters. I still can’t wrap it around my mind, even though I’m reading about Sydney mixing chemicals for tattooing and so on. But I do find myself thinking, that Mead doesn’t slack on the detais.

Lastly, Zoe is such a little, try hard brat who has yet to prove that she’s worthy. I swear she’s so completely jealous of Sydney that I can’t like her! I also thought that the “my parents are divorcing” plot that Mead added into the story of the Sage family, was a bit ehhhh in my book, because it’s such a dramatic move, even for Mead. Yet, it’s a plot point that remains the centre for the cause and effect of the final cliffhanger. And if I hadn’t been convinced at the start, I sure was convinced at the end.

OH BOO. I’m hardly doing this installment any justice at all with this review yet I don’t want to spoil it much at all. This book desserves a better review than I can give. But omg, it’s worth reading because it’s a Bloodlines book!

I seriously cannot wait until July when Silver Shadows, oh hell, I want to know now what happens next!

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