Dear Friends, Followers, Fellow Bloggers,

Today, I want to wish everyone Happy New Year, and celebrate the coming of the Lunar, not only with fellow Chinesemen but Everyone! Because, even though in the media and whatnot today is marked as a “Chinese” thing, it is actually a day for any culture or peoples who celebrate the coming of the first of the Lunar Year. So therefore:


By coincidence I went with my mother down to Springvale today, a hotspot for all things asian and was delighted to see a lion dance occuring inside the shopping centre. To be honest, I had forgotten momentarily that it was Chinese New Year, so when I heard the loud clashing of those giant cymbals and red (lucky colour of the day!) dressed people, I found myself watching (briefly, albeit) a miniature performance of the lion dance. It was pretty awesome. I can’t remember the last time I watched and experienced all things Chinese. It’s been a while, considering my background is Chinese and the expectation I know and see these things all the time. But really, I still get delighted and happy every time the New Year rolls around. Chinese or not, I wish good luck on everyone! (Even though I really wanted to cut my hair today because we were within the vicinity of one of my favourite hairdressers, I decided to hold off since well, it’s bad luck to cut hair on Chinese New Year!)

I’ve also spent the last week making preparations for today.  I’ve never actually worked so hard or tried so hard to celebrate Chinese New Year, but this is the second year my entire family have been at  home at the same time.  Usually everyone is elsewhere working or some such so no one ever has time to prepare anything.  But not only that, after finishing my degree last year and (for once) really paying attention to what my teachers were teaching me about culture, language and cross-cultural interactions, I really felt like I would like to be just a little bit more Chinese.  Of course studying Chinese was difficult (and still ongoing I assure you!  I have a lot to catch up on all the years I hadn’t learnt it because well, when you quit Chinese school at a young age to merge with the mainstream “in-group”, you tend to become less Chinese in the process and bound to crave a want for cultural identity later on).  And then at some point, I wanted to really invest in celebrating something, and I figured, it might as well be Chinese New Year since it was next big cultural thing on the Chinese calendar, and hey!  I got mum to make Yau Gok and Nian Gao,
and later today, a whole bunch of other stuff (which I’m really proud of making since I’ve never really spent the time or energy to make them for any particular day, or on time for a particular day either which is clearly all my fault).  And while I may have botched up these particular Chinese foods along the way and they may lack in sweetness or be slightly chewy to eat, I like to think it’s the thought that counts, and the fact that everyone is willing to try makes me want to try harder next time to get it right lol!

But this year, I will put twenty years of effort in (and from now on, I hope do better in celebrating every year) and celebrate the coming of the Year of the Horse!

Well I must leave, and I leave you with saying, once more:


From Your Always Present Writer,
Fellow Blogger, Friend, and Follower!


2 thoughts on “HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR EVERYONE! (新年快乐大家!)

    • Aww awesome! Honestly, I have no idea what to do, and usually it’s a big giant feast of chinese food, when I think there are other traditions but well, as long as it can be celebrated, it’s great!

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