United We Spy. Ally Carter

13580951United We Spy
by Ally Carter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Okay so this was more surprising than I thought. ALl I can say is, this was a great ending. Review to come.

Here it is. The Review.

What can I say? You know there are so many series I’m discovering that are actually an improvement from the first book in the series. Let’s see, I Am Number Four is definitely one where I didn’t like the first book much because it was too focussed on the boring stuff. But all the other books following…I loved.

Ally Carter’s Gallagher Girls series is a little like that. I thought book one was fine, book two introduced a hotter love interest, but still, it was just fine in my books. Book three, the same, and so on, until well, book five: Out of Sight, Out of Time. Now THAT was much darker than I’d anticipated. It was definitely surprising, and well, I have to say I really liked it.

But this one, United We Spy, this was definitely the best conclusion for this series. Well, Catherine Goode was a little unconvincing at the end with her talk about her reasons behind her actions. She just seemed crazy and I can’t remember her being that crazy in the other novels.

You see, that’s the problem with leaving a book to so long to read. Particularly if you’ve been waiting so long that you forgot most of the details of book five, so I forgot that Cammie and Zach had gotten together in that one, same as the relationship between Aunt Abby and Agent Townsend.

But it also gave me the chance to read this story from fresh lol! And yeah, I loved the conclusion.

HOWEVER. I have one major issue. I swear what’s the deal with how quick the discovery of Zach’s father? It was revealed, mulled over and then, became the least of everyone’s worries. Sure they had a heart to heart talk probably, but I don’t feel any other connection – whether strained or on a mutual level – between Zach and said father. So I found the ending a little surprising. Particularly since they seemed on such good terms.

FINALLY. I really liked Cammie’s growth in this. I think she has the most growth in book 5 and book 6. I love that she develops. Without that development, I’d think that United We Spy could have been as great as it was. So I’m glad she grew in this! I’m really glad.

As for spy novels, this is just one series of many. If you’re interested in girl/female spy novels,this isn’t so bad because it’s all there, plus there’s a bit of cheese, but mostly, there’s the mission.

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6 thoughts on “United We Spy. Ally Carter

  1. I’ve always noticed these books, but the cover always turned me off. I know I shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but I couldn’t help it, lol. I used to feel the same way about the Pretty Little Liars series. I made the assumption it was just about teen drama, but I was completely wrong and ended up loving the series.

    • Lol haha. Actually I don’t really like most of the covers, but this series is my favourite: http://www.gallagheracademy.com/books.html though none of the copies I borrowed had these covers. I totally get what you mean about the whole teen drama, and you’re not wrong. I mean the first three books of the series are more light and teen-fluffy, but the last two are grimmer (in comparison) and those were my faves lol. I haven’t read Pretty Little Liars (the number of books put me off lol) but I have the Lying Game series by the same author (or most of the books so far) and I like it mostly.

      • Those covers are much better than the ones that I have seen around. lol, I get what you mean. darker books might be just up our alley rather than fluff. I was put off too, but I got two boxed sets, and they were 4 books for $20 brand new. I thought it was a pretty good deal. My friends started watching the tv show, and I wanted to read the books first. They read so fast, but the story is really good. i read the first four before I watched the show, but I realized that the two are completely different now. Which I’m more than okay with. The show and book have a different feeling, characters died in the books but didn’t in the show, and all kinds of changes. I haven’t read the lying game series yet, but i have watched the tv show. I’m not as big of a fan of the lying game tv show.

        • They are aren;t they? I didn’t even know they had those covers and when I saw them, I was like, they’re so much better! And actually they really kind of look very spy-like as well as suited to the titles (or maybe it’s because I feel that way because I know what happens in th book). Oh yes, the darker stuff is definitely more up my way than fluff. Sure fluff is good for a break but I definitely like the darker stuff more.

          Omg that’s such a good price (face value since if I convert it, it’d be a bit more here, though still pretty reasonably priced!). Yeah most of my friends have watched/watching the show and tell me it’s awesome, and I’m always tempted, but yeah, I want to read the books first too lol. I knew there was a tv show, but I’ve only read the books. Can’t say if it’s better or not compared to Pretty Little Liars but the books are not so bad, though half the time, I keep wondering, why do I have to read narration from a character that doesn’t really do anything? – I don’t know if the tv show is the same but and here’s a spoiler for the book that you don’t have to read if you don’t want it spoiled: Emma’s sister, Sutton is dead and Emma is trying to find who killed her sister. And in the book there are bits of narration from Sutton even though it’s not because she’s a ghost? I got like a I’m-in-heaven-writing-a-story-about-how-I-died-and-how-my-twin-tried-to-find-my-killer-kind of storytelling vibe, yetshe doesn’t play a bit role either and doesn’t pop up much and it’s not like there’s anything about fluffy white clouds either. But there’s her ‘presence’ only not in a ghostly way.

          ANYWAY lol, it’s mystery, thriller stuff more than supernatural and I like it, but I would also like to know how many books their are so I can figure out the significance of Sutton’s ghostly-not so ghostly presence is.
          Oh wow, seems like I just found the reason why I haven’t read the latest few novels of the series lately lol…

          • Pretty little liars, the books, they’re kinda slow because they do one chapter from each girl at a time, and then at the end its this whirlwind of drama and action. They’re so short. I usually finish them in one sitting. The show has me on my toes. Its just twist after twist.

            I’m going to assume that the books are really different than the show since sutton is very real in the show. I mean they’ve had moments when someone tries to kill her and then she just goes missing and then shows up again.

            • Oh sounds like the latest Bloodlines book – that was a bit slow, but then it totally kicked in on the action at the end lol. Oh man, I really have to start watching the show asap!
              Yeah, I figured the show was a little different. In the book, well, she’s not really there…lol

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