The Bird Dance.


She danced in circles around him

Turning and turning,

Her dress twirling and floating,

Glimmering in the fading sunlight,

She danced for him,

Called for him,

Beckoned him with

Her ethereal beauty,

She arches her arm

High up to the sky

And lunges to the left,

Twirling back to the right,

She is as elegant as a swan,

As dainty as a gazelle,

She takes her steps,

One, one, two,

Spin, three four,


She beckons him,

Her eyes aglow,

And lips red, moistened

By the water that begins to fall

In gentle sweeping tides,

From the sky,

She does not falter,

As he awaits,

By the side,


Waiting for the final dance.

He catches her hand,

And she lets him take it,

Sizzling the heat

Already between them,

It’s a dance,

A bird dance,

One dancing around the other,







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