Blue Sky.

2013-12-20 12.30.04

Source: myself


There’s a sky that’s blue,

With wisps of white clouds.

It’s so wide and expanding,

One twist of our heads,

Can’t embrace it all.

It is our sky,

Our ceiling,

Our constant,

Even under storm clouds,

It’s always there,

That blue, blue,

Ever blue sky.


6 thoughts on “Blue Sky.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked my poetry :), what a lovely compliment! And I will definitely love to come check out your poems, though, in truth, I’m not much of an expert, just an amateur writing how she feels! 🙂

  1. Ms. Nina. You must forgive me, I have not come to your page in ages. Dismal failure from one of your greatest fans.

    You remind me once more why I like your writing. This is the Italian kind of simple, so much more beautiful for it.

    • Dear Monumentaljackass,
      My page is always here any time, so you’re welcome to drop by whenever you need to! I am a very forgiving person haha :). Thank you so much for liking my work!

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