Random Music Moment #123

I forgot where I heard it, but I’ve had this stuck in my head all day. Maybe I heard it on an ad, or in one of the stores.  I know for sure I heard one of the songs from Fast Five while looking through a food warehouse today.  But I forgot where I heard this.  I recognised it straightaway since I did hear Jiordan Tolli sing it on X-factor last year.  However, unfortunately I just didn’t get hooked on it when I heard it then, compared to today.  Unless I was just in the mood for getting a song stuck in my head :P!

So today’s Random Music Moment is Lorde’s Royals.


4 thoughts on “Random Music Moment #123

    • Lol haha, I wouldn’t be surprised! It was everywhere here too, so I’m a bit surprised I hadn’t gotten into it earlier lol, must be my whole avoid-anything-popular-until-it-dies-down kind of thing.

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