What Happens to Us?

What happens to us?

Even though we are in love,

What happens to us?

We know everything about each other,

But yet there are so many secrets,

We have known each other for so long,

Yet, not really very long at all,

We love each other very much,

But yet why, why does it feel like,

We will fall apart at the lightest touch?

What will happen to us,

In this small moment of heartbreak,

When we realise just how much,

We’ve hurt each other in the end.

It was so subtle, hidden behind smiles,

In those rare moments,

Where we saw each other.

It’s when we part,

And forget to say what should have been said,

It’s when we part,

That we think on one side or another,

That we will last,

But on the other,

It’s not like that at all.

The feelings are still there,

And they still matter,

But between all the pain,

All the hurt and heartbreak,

Can we still be what we once were?

What happens now?

When I want to stay with you,

What happens to us?

Can we make it last?

I look at you,

And see something,

I did not see before.

Once before,

I might have just

Let us fall apart

At the slightest touch.

Love does not come as a given,

But grown over time,

It takes work and effort,

And boundless forgiveness

For the faults that can be forgiven.

I have said my piece,

It’s time for yours,

How do you feel?

Is it true?

We are two,

Finding a way to work the answer


What happens to us.

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