Your Hand On My Back.

There are words I cannot say,

I open my mouth,

And I shape them,

But there is no sound.

I stand on the cliff edge,

And try to scream,

But all I hear,

Is the birds calling in place,

Where my voice should be.

I cannot scream,

Even though,

I want to scream.

I feel the tears,

Of frustration,


Where there is no voice,

To voice the pain,

And anguish,

I can cry,

But only the blue,

Blue sky is witness,

To the sorrow that has filled my heart.




I can’t scream.

I can only move my mouth,

I can only try,

And try,

And try.

You find me,

At my worst,

Huddled under the clear blue sky,

Crying in frustration,

Unable to speak the words,

I so desperately want to say.

And your hand,

Just your hand,

On my back,

Reminds me in that moment,

That I am not alone.



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