Walking on Starlight.

I’m walking on the starlight,

A road into my dreams,

I watch the thoughts of yesterday,

Become the thoughts of today,

I see the sights of tomorrow,

Become the sights of today,

I know I am the future,

Of hard work and good fortune.


I’m dancing in the sunlight,

In the middle of my dreams,

Thinking about my happiness,

Drowning in illusion,

I’m wanting a forever,

Hoping for an eternity,

Dreaming, dreaming for a dream that is reality.


I’m falling through the cloudscape,

Gathering the dreams,

One wisp at a time,

Putting them together,

Threading and weaving,

Building a tapestry

Of wishes, making dreams come true.


I’m singing in the moonlight,

Paving my way of light,

Crashing through the darkness,

One moonlit square by moonlit square,

Walking forward,

Looking ahead,

At that shining bright light.




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