A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART FIVE>

The Lord of the Earth came when Aeon called him.  He was sombre in comparison to his usually bright and lively self.  It was startling for Aeon to see it.

“Lady Time,” he’d said sombrely.

“Lord Earth,” she responded.  She reached forward to clasp his hands.  He gently squeezed hers in return.  “Will you do it?”

He studied her carefully.  No matter how many times he had told her to find out for herself what being human meant.  No matter how many times he and Lady Death had said that she shouldn’t be so pessimistic about human deaths, she had never done it.  And yet this time, she had gone on her own accord.

“Lady Time, you surprise me.”  He nodded and pulled his hands away from hers.  Walking to the two children in the open, and touched Lily.

Aeon turned to John who was watching intently, and with her hands, she covered his eyes, and whispered in his ear, “You cannot look.”

And then, when she felt the change in time, she too called on the golden sands and let herself and John be transported back through time.

The first thing that John did when he opened his eyes and found himself back in his time, he ran.  He’d been dragged through time and had to run what felt like a mile.  But, he’d agreed if only it would help Lily.

Lily.  That was the only thing he cared about in the world.

Lily.  He ran, through people-filled streets and across heavy traffic covered roads.  He ran until he arrived at her address.

As he was about to ring her doorbell, the door opened.

It was her.  Lily, his girl.  And as he expected, she was glowing with life.  The girl who had been dying just yesterday, was now standing before him full of life.

“Lily!” He gasped, startling her.

For a moment they stare at each other.  And then it’s over, and John realises the answer before she says anything.

Aeon watches the fireworks in that city from the roof of one of the tallest towers.  It had been three days since she had taken John through time. It had been three days since she had seen John.  He’d been ecstatic but, he’d also been sorely disappointed.  She’d watched his disappointment when she returned to her realm temporarily to turn the first country into the New Year.

For the twenty-three years after, the Hourglass would turn itself accordingly until all the time zones had been aligned.  There may be one giant Hourglass, but surrounding it, there were Hourglasses that had to be turned in accordance.  And as long as the big one was turned, the smaller ones would turn as well.

The New Year.  A time of resolution and vows to change, even if they don’t come true, Aeon knew most of the people, most of the humans would feel different a year later.  They always do.

Even Aeon had felt it.

Many years ago, thousands probably, when she had been first conceptualised, she had been something akin to human.  She had a feeling that at that time, she fallen in love and had lost her lover, perhaps to something less fatal than what would have taken Lily’s life. She also reckoned that, at that time, she had watched the New Year come passed by his side as well.  That had always been her wish.

And then, when he’d gone, she had become obsessed with time.  The lack of time, too much time.  She had been obsessed.

Over time, thousands of years later, she had forgotten the meaning of humanity, life and living.  Instead she turned into the immortal that she was.  She became bored, aware that at one point in her life, she must have cared once before.  But because she had forgotten, she had become dullin her senses.

Seeing John care so much about Lily, a woman – no girl – who Aeon had felt, intuitively, may not have loved John as much as he had. Then again, Aeon was just the Lady of Time.  Matters of the heart, matters of love, that was up to the actual gods, not a legendary like Aeon.

But what she had feared, that John would be rejected; that he would be forgotten; that Lily had left her childhood friend behind years ago, had come true.  She’d seen it.  And he had known it.

That moment that she had watched in the Hourglass, had opened her heart just a little, reminding her of that past that she had forgotten.

“Hey!  Lady of Time!”  She saw him before she heard him.  He was climbing up, the ladder squeaking as he went.

She watched him up to the moment when he sat down next to her.

“Happy New Year John,” she said softly.  She didn’t dare say, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

“Do you have a name?”  He asked after a moment of silence.

She looked at him.  “Aeon.  I’m sometimes known as Aeon.”

“What a strange name,” he said a tad bit too dully.  “I like ‘the Lady of Time’ better.  ‘Lady’ has a better ring to it.”

Aeon frowned.  “I don’t know where it came from, it’s just a name I’ve been called.”

He laughs a little.  “Sorry.  I didn’t mean to be critical.”

“I know.”

And then for some time they continued to watch the fireworks until they ended.  And then, they sat there, waiting, watching, and listening to the voices and cheers of the New Year down below.

“Do you regret it?”  Aeon asked suddenly.

“No.  This is something I’ll never regret,” he said after a moment.

“Even though this has happened?”

“Yes.”  He looked at her.  “You did warn me…Lady Time.”

“I did.”  She paused.  “What will you do?”

Then he gave his wicked smile.  “Why, I’ll make her fall in love with me all over again.”

The End>

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