A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART FOUR>

The nature of Aeon’s job had always been difficult.  But yet also very simple.  She just had to pass the souls from Lady Death to the Hourglass returning them to life, so that they can be reborn.  And then, she must keep time.   She must turn the Hourglass day after day, hour after hour.

Aeon over time, grew emotionless, grew bored.  She had forgotten.  She had one more power.  But she cannot execute it alone.  And she cannot execute it without full honesty from the requester.

“You want a miracle.  A miracle on a day that is not Christmas,” she said quietly.  “What makes you think I can grant such a miracle?”

“You’re the Lady of Time,” he said sarcastically.  He didn’t believe.  Aeon knew he truly didn’t believe in her.  “What else but turn back time?”

“Time…is fragile.”  She leaned forward.  “You love your Lily and yet wish to save her.  It is very simple.  But turning back time, do you know what can happen?”

He stayed silent.  Aeon figured, he was thinking hard about the consequences.  So she said, “I may be removed from humans and their sentiments, but I have some understanding. I see it all through time, how people suffer as I watch them in the Hourglass.  I know how it seems.  If I change time, even if I can, what will change?”

She takes his hands. They’re cold.  Just as hers were warm.  “I and Lord Earth can make it happen.  But do you believe this life will not change?”

“Are you asking whether I believe enough that Lily will not leave me?”


He looks hard to the right not really looking at anything in particular.  “I believe it.”

“You will be the only person to remember that you have saved her life.  No one else will have any memories.”

He shook his head slightly.  “I don’t care.”

Aeon closes her eyes and sighs.  Then, she cast gold dust around him and her.

She whispered in his ear to close his eyes and to keep them closed.  He did.  And then, Aeon watched the golden sand around her shifting and changing her surroundings. She went from the outside of her hospital to sometime ten years before, to when John was fourteen, to when he was ten and a tiny little shrimp, til at last she the sands dropped her in the centre of a field some fifteen years before that moment where Aeon and John had been standing outside the hospital.

“Open your eyes,” she said.  The golden sand swirled once more around them, kicking up a wind, sending a breeze through her hair and ruffling his, plucking at his clothes.

He blinked three times, his eyes barely adjusted to the sun of the summer.  “Where are we?”

“You don’t remember this place?” She asked him, turning away and looking around the grassy field.  For miles it looked relatively empty.  But on closer inspection, in which she was required to squint to look further, Aeon saw what she was hoping to find.

“It doesn’t…look tha…quite familiar.”  He looked around too.  But he couldn’t see what she could.  He couldn’t because he had no idea when in time he was, and he had no idea what he was looking for.  How can one look for what one can’t see?

“Come,” she said, walking away from him and towards what she had been looking at.  “I know exactly where I’m going.”

“Wait!” He said, calling after her.  She heard him trip, swear and then stand up to run after her again.  “How the hell are you walking this fast?”

Aeon stopped.  And John ran into her.  But that didn’t stop her thinking process.  She turned to him with a thoughtful look on her face, “I think that’s because I am back in my spirit form, not just an illusion.  I’m also in the past and not the present.  Overall, I feel lighter.  So that must be why I can walk fast.”

That’s a reason?”  He said sarcastically.  “Clearly, it’s very understandable.”

“Shut up,” she snapped.  Aeon knew it hadn’t made sense, but to her it did.  Past and present, present nad future changed how she revealed herself.  Yet at the same time, all time was simultaneous for her because she was the turner of time and the Lady of Time, therefore she was all-knowing when it came to all matters concerning time.

“It’s more like, for time that has passed, I am a mere shadow of myself.  For time that exists in the presence, I am myself, even in my spirit form where I am more physical than spiritual, unable to be seen by others.  And in the time to come, I am like I am in the time that has passed.  I myself can’t make any changes.”  She paused, stopped talking and then turned back to continue walking.  “Yep, that sounds about right!”

“Hey wait!  What does that mean?  I thought you were giving me a miracle?”  John yelled at the fast disappearing Aeon.

“A miracle?  Oh yes, I did say something like that didn’t I?”


“What?”  Aeon yelled back, stopping abruptly.

“What are you doing?”  He asked her.  “Where am I? What have you done?  What about my miracle?”

“I’m talking you to look at something.  You’re about fifteen years in the past.  I’m doing what I said.  Your miracle?  Well, it’s coming!” Aeon said in a rush, her head turning back to her target location, she was a tad fidgety.  “Now, come on, we have to hurry.”

“What are you saying?”  He demanded.  “Why hurry?”

“Why don’t you look?”  She said, pointing forward to the silhouette of a boy and girl sitting just beyond their reach in the field.

She watched as he paled slightly. “Do you remember now?”  She said quietly.

“Yes, I do.”

“Do you still want your miracle?”

He looks at her.  Scenes like this can change a person’s determination.  But in John, Aeon saw no change.  He was not afraid.  Even if the present changed out of favour for him, he was not afraid.



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