A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART TWO>

His name was John.  And John liked a girl. The reason why he had caught the Lady of Time being suspicious and poking her nose in places where her slender nose did not belong, was because the girl he liked had ditched him.  He was incredibly frustrated that she’d done that so he thought if he could get someone into trouble he just might be able to make himself feel a bit better about himself.

Aeon though, was completely not what he had expected.  Ghosts he understood.  The so-called “Time Lady”, he did not get.  What the hell did “The Lady of Time” mean anyway?

John looked to his side where the evidently invisible to anyone but him girl was walking.  She dodged passerbys even though ­­­they would eventually walk through her.

As though the girl, “Aeon” knew what he was thinking, she said, “I’m dodging them for my own sake.  Even if they can’t feel a damn thing, I can.”

To demonstrate, she dropped the gown that she had been holding up.  He only watched half-heartedly as the weight of the gown seemed to pull her who posture downward a little.  With a heavy sigh, she picked up the front of her gown.

“Why do you wear such a troublesome gown if it’s that heavy?”  He asked her.

“Because in the Time Realm, nothing feels like it does on Earth.”  She picked up her pace a little to stride with him.  Even though she was slender and reasonably average heighted – though if she hadn’t been standing next to him, she would have looked much taller – her footsteps were small.  She was obviously not used to walking quickly. If anything, she was used to taking her time.

Aeon was beginning to feel irritated.  For someone who had stayed in the Realm of Time for so long, she hadn’t thought that she would ever feel irritated.  But at that moment, she did.  She felt extremely irritated.

At her dress firstly, but then at her human guide.

John was walking and going his own way.  He only stopped every so often to ask if she was fine.  That or he snorted at her.  But mostly, he treated her like a ghost.  No, he treated her exactly like a ghost.

No matter where he walked, no matter what he did, from that first moment Aeon had met John, John did the things he usually did.  She watched him go have lunch with other people. She watched him be jolly and lively.  She watched him go to work.  She watched him go home.

Not once did John tell her to go away.  Not once did she speak, so at one point – the classic bathroom moment where Aeon had followed him in – it took John another moment to realise that Aeon was there.  He freaked of course and kicked her out.

She had waited outside like a good girl, and when he came out, it had been with a clear mind.  And a mind that had remembered that he was not alone.

“Why are you following me?”  He said.

“Why not?  I have nothing else to do.” Again she tipped her head to the side.  “Does this bother you?”

He sighed then turned to face her fully.  “Yes.  No.  Normally I just ignore ghosts.  If I don’t give them attention, they’ll just go and bother some other person.”

“And yet you stopped me from snooping through some other person’s things.”

“Because it was obviously wrong.  And I thought you were real.  I thought you were going to steal her stuff.”

Strangely this man, who was very much a man, perhaps in his twenties, was childishly naïve.  Even Aeon was sure that no one at this stage of life could make such a mistake.

“What about me didn’t give it away?”  Aeon gestured to her clothes with a sarcastic flourish.

John blinked.  He hadn’t noticed.  It was probably because he had already presumed she was a ghost.  He paused.  No, in thinking, this logic made no sense.  Initially he thought she was a ghost, snooping through someone else’s property.  So after, he’d also mostly ignored her because ghosts are ghosts.  Most of them couldn’t affect the human world unless they had a tonne of anger or varying emotion in them.

But Aeon.  This girl didn’t have any anger or emotion in her, except well, curiosity and boredom.  And her face, despite the gold makeup around her eyes and over her lips, said it all. It was really hard for John to deny the fact that she could possibly be the “Time Lady”, probably most likely because he had no idea what Time Ladies were like.

She was also pretty for a woman who was possibly over a thousand years old.  So he had avoided looking at her as much as possible.  And in all the time that he had used to avoid and forget that she was following him, he realised, if she was not an ordinary ghost.  Then what did she want?  If she was a ghost, then what did she want?

Was she or wasn’t she a ghost?  Ghost was the most logical definition for John, because in truth John could see ghosts.  But she claimed to be the Lady of Time.   So what did that mean?

Just as John was about to confront all the questions he had about the Time Lady and what her job was, his phone rang.

He picked it up.  Yeah, there was one other reason why he had forgotten a girl – or was that woman? –  as pretty as the Time Lady so quickly.  He did have a life and people important to him before her after all.

“Hello,” he said, his heart suddenly beating with anticipation.  “What happened?”

“John, Lily’s in the hospital again.”


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