A Story In Time, New Year’s Wishes. PART ONE>

Aeon looked around her.  It had been a long time since she had stepped into the world of humans and walked among them.

There were still lights on the trees decorating the main walk.  Signs of Christmas was fading, and the noise of boxing day a roar gaining momentum.

“How pretty,” she said lifting her hand up to the sky.  She raised her face to the sky and let the snow land one drop at a time.

It was cold.

Aeon had never felt real snow.  If she had, it must have been a long time ago.  So long, she could hardly remember what it had felt like.  In her realm there was never a change in temperature.  If it snowed, it never felt like anything.  If it rained, it never felt wet.  If it was hot, she never sweated.  The temperature never changed.

And she had watched it all from her golden throne.  She’d sat there, either properly or recklessly, but always, always, dressed in the same draping golden dress that she had always worn, the dress that she was wearing now.  And that which, in her realm, had felt almost weightless, now felt extremely heavy.  The pieces and strands of gold that had been entwined in her hair had also gained weight since she had arrived here.

She figured, she should probably grab a jacket to wear.  Then again it wasn’t as though anyone could see her.  And she did like her dress even though she’d worn it for many years, it was the first of a thousand gold dresses that she loved the best.

When Aeon had arrived she hadn’t really made any plans.  She just wanted to be away from her throne.  For as long as she could remember she had only ever watched Christmas and New Years in her realm.  She had watched through the sand and watched as the time slipped away from her.

It had always seemed fun. Even though she had never hated her own job.  Even though she never aged.  Aeon had wanted to experience what these humans experienced at least once.

And for that reason, she had planned to desert her station for exactly seven days.  Well, just under seven days.  At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, she would go back and she will bring the world from the old year to the new.

Aeon walked shopping boulevard – in her head it was called shopping boulevard because there were so many shops from high to low class and then high again, or vice versa.  Since she had no money, she could only window shop.  Then again, she was also invisible to everyone, so it didn’t matter if she wanted to buy something to wear or just indulge herself, she couldn’t do it.  Aeon was the Lady of Time.  Unless all three of the legendaries stood within each other’s presence, no one would she was there.  Well…there was one other possibility, but on further thought, Aeon dismissed it, because it was really too impossible.

As she walked along the boulevard her eyes eying everything in sight, she found herself excessively fatigued.  For once she was beginning to understand the extremities that humans went to for just a little bit of luxury – or maybe that was a lot, she thought considering the girl next to her.  The girl was clearly laden down with bags after bags.

Most of the bags were of A-class materials, and every single one was a branded item.  Curious, Aeon figured she might as well have a peek to see what kind of clothes had caught this little fashionista’s  eye.

As she pulled apart bag after bag with her slender easy to slip in anywhere fingers, a voice behind her startled her.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

The girl whose things Aeon was looking through looked startled and without hesitation sent a glare through Aeon to the man who had spoken. She indignantly spoke back to him and dared him to accuse her of evidently doing nothing once more.  The man had a mind to hold his tongue, because it dawned on him shortly after the girl spoke that that girl could not see Aeon at all.

While he attempted to cool over the situation, Aeon starred at him.  It was her brazen, bored stare, the kind of stare that she had always used when new souls passed through her realm to move on to the next stage.

He was tall, well in comparison to the tall and slender figure of her legendariness, he was surprisingly tall.  Then again, he was a man.  Too bad Aeon couldn’t make him shrink.  He seemed to like his height too much.  And she wondered if he ever saw the world from beneath everyone else.  How dare he’d caught her out.  Much less even saw her!

When he finally got rid of the girl, he turned to Aeon and said, “Who are you?”

Smiling faintly, Aeon looked at the young, embarrassed and yet hardly frightened man and said, “Why, love, I am the Lady of Time.”

“The Lady of Time?”  He enunciated slowly, and sharply he said, “You don’t expect me to believe that do you?”

“Do you have another explanation for why you can see me?”  She said, one hand unconsciously reaching down to lift a little of the weight of her dress.

“A ghost.  You are the ghost of Christmas past come to haunt me in reflection of the Christmas spirit, right?”

He smirked.  Aeon though, had no idea what he was referring to particularly since she did not think like a human.  Much less know anything related to human analogies.

She blinked.  “Is that supposed to be funny?  Because I can assure you I am not a ghost.”

He just stared at her. Had he really assumed she was a ghost?  Was that normal?  “You’re not a ghost.  You’re what?”

The Lady of Time,” she said, tipping her head to the side innocently enough.


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