The Lady In The Tower. Marie-Louise Jensen

6034386The Lady in the Tower
by Marie-Louise Jensen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really loved this. Even more than The Girl in the Mask. Review to come.

SO, I loved The Lady in the Tower more than I liked The Girl in the Mask. It’s most likely because the pacing was more even in this one and the development of the romance something hot and fiery. Even though I liked the romance in The Girl In The Mask, I liked the romance between Sophia and Mr Charlton, Eleanor and Stanton had somewhat more tension. I was a little bit more convinced by Eleanor’s hesitation and dislike of Stanton.

What’s more, I guess reading Marie-Louise Jensen has had me reminiscing lately on the attractiveness of historical fiction to draw me into history. I really love well written historicals, and I dare say Jensen is one of those!

This historical is full of romance – hot and sparkly as well as daring, mystery – with lots of intrigue on top, and historical figures – always a plus! The heroine is a strong character and even when she’s frightened, she’s also very strong. I like her character, I like her more than Sophia in The Girl In The Mask, because she’s very realistic. I can emphasise with her thoughts and feelings. Plus,she’s headstrong. There’s not a moment where I have to think, oh my god isn’t the answer already very obvious?

This is also set in the time of Henry the Eighth. I can’t remember when I read a historical from a perspective that was at a side other than Henry the Eighth. And this was. Reading it from this perspective was very interesting because Henry the Eighth becomes a minor yet relatively important character.

Overall, totally a read worth pursuing!

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