When A Child is Born.


When a child is born,

It is like the world has brightened,

Little by little,

It stumbles left and right,


Tall and big,

This child,

Once suckled on it’s mother’s breast,

And then drank from a bottle,

It cried at eleven at night,

It cried past midnight,

At the crack of dawn,

And woke tired parents,

Night after night,

They wake,

Frustrated and exhausted,

Irritated enough that they’ll snap

When they don’t mean to.

A child is difficult,

Fat and chubby,

Soft and delicate,

Attention seeking,

Noisy and quiet,

They are, sometimes,

A nuisance.

But never,

Not once,

After a child is born,

In most houses,


And families of all sizes,

Does that child lack love,


And attention.

When a child is a born,

They are the apple of their parents’ eyes,

They are the centre of attention,

Wanted or not,

They are something of a miracle,

The sign of life,

They are,

The sun shining down from the sky.

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