At My Doorway.

You are nothing but a pitiful creature,

Unable to look where you go,

Landing with a splat on my front door,

Leaving behind the echo of your knock,

Ringing, ringing, in my ears,

And reverberating across the floor.


You sit in my hand without a second thought,

Blinking your grey eyes, open, half opened, closed,

Are you awake?Β  Are you asleep?

Who gave you permission to land in a heap?

But your soul is unharmed,

Your life force continues to flow,

As it sings, sings, and sings.


I feel your tiny heart beat,

As you sit without care,

Sipping on the water,

I forced down your throat, you stare,

Unbidden, unshaken,

You aren’t afraid,

Are you aware?

I am your friend

Is that why you sit without a care?


Fly little birdie, fly,

I will see you live another day,

Awakened once again,

From your brief stay,

On the palm of my hand,

At my doorway,

I will watch,

Watch, as you fly away,

Away, away, from my doorway,

As though you were never here at all.



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