Requiem. Lauren Oliver.

by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what to think of this, actually, part of me liked it and the other part kind of hated it and thought it was a waste of time. Hana’s perspective was interesting, but spending two books in Lena’s perspective, makes it hard for me to adjust to her. Actually half the time I was thinking, was it really necessary for me to know about Hana? But then again, I guess I’ll just have to think about it a bit more. I just felt compared to the first in the series, Requiem just doesn’t quite match up to it the way Reached and Mockingjay did for Matched and the Hunger Games, respectively.


Sooo that was my review on Goodreads.   Reading over it, it’s not very positive, yet, I feel it’s definitely how I felt: extremely disappointed.  It was incredibly anti-climatic and it was long so it was a little tedious.  Sure, I didn’t mind reading it for the sake of finding out how the series ended, I just felt there was a lot of nothing and at the same time, a lot of something.  I didn’t really get an explosive ending that I was kind of expecting, as you would probably expect with dystopian novels (as can be seen with the Hunger Games, Matched and even Wither – I have yet to read Allegiant for Divergent, so that’s undecided on my part for the moment).  Now I have nothing against open endings, because there are many instances where open endings are the perfect way to end the trilogy/series.  But for this, this just …I guess I can only say it again…disappointed me.  I was annoyed and left a little stunned (in a bad way) by the way this ended, which totally sucks!  I was hoping for more…hoping for more…hoping for more.  And yeah, got nothing.  Now there’s a series that ends well with an open ending: The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan.  Now, I liked how the third book ended.  Even if it was open, it felt right.  Not like this one.  Or maybe I just expected too much.


I was scrolling through some reviews written by some of my favourite reviewers on Goodreads and one said:

“If you haven’t started this trilogy, should you read it? Maybe. Book 1 was exciting. Book 2 was alright. Book 3 was not necessarily boring…it just all comes down to being anti-climactic for me. Maybe you won’t feel the same. I have friends who enjoyed the entire trilogy. This isn’t the worst dystopia I’ve read; that’s for sure. “

Whiiicchhhh I totally agree.  If you want to read the rest of that review (which seriously, like all her other reviews, are terribly – in a good way of course – funny) click HERE.


EVEN SO, by any means, read this if you want to read good writing that’s simple but emotively effective.  I’ve always loved Oliver’s writing, it’s never let me down.  Plus, Before I Fall and Delirium the best of all her books.

PLUS, the book covers are pretty, well, actually the funny thing is all three of the trilogy that I own have covers from different editions.  I was trying so hard to get them all the same, but …

Delirium is this edition:

My Pandemonium came from this edition:

And my Requiem is this one:


I actually really like the Requiem cover, and that particular series of covers.  Don’t really like the Pandemonium one because generally when it comes to covers like these, I wonder: Why do I have to focus so much on her face?  And the Delirium…I don’t think that became a series of covers?  Either way, I like the last cover series the best, I think it’s really pretty (I tried to find an image with all three books of the trilogy but I couldn’t…).


ANYWAY, how did others feel about Requiem?
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9 thoughts on “Requiem. Lauren Oliver.

  1. I liked Requiem better than Pandemonium which I thought suffered from Middle Book Syndrome and was too bleak a follow up to the awesome first book. I liked the end of Requiem but I admit to wondering if that was the actual end or if there was an epilogue or something…sadly no.

    • Oh yes, the second book syndrome. Actually I didn’t mind Pandemonium. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. Requiem was the same, love and hate. It had a really open ending. Generally I like open endings, I like that there’s space for imagination (and generally it feels complete in a way), but, I don’t know, it just didn’t feel complete. But that’s just my opinion of course! 🙂

  2. Sorry you didn’t enjoy this installment that much – I agree that it was by no means perfect. Have you read Allegiant or the Divergent series? I feel like Allegiant disappointed me the most out of the recent outcroppings of YA trilogies.

    • I’ve read the first two Divergent books and found that Insurgent was well, not as great as the first. I have yet to read Allegiant though! I only recently bought a copy. Oh wow, that’s a bummer then! 😦

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