Random Music Moment #117

Lately I’ve been thinking about seasons a lot, particularly in melbourne, since, even though less than a week ago, it was sunny, hot and unbearable, today it is currently bucketing down.  The sky is also overcast, and my backyard looks like it’s going to overflow any minute now.  Terrible.  Terrible because really, it’s not winter, nor is it even spring.  What a downer!

But well, since last week I wrote a really short, spontaneous poem about the weather: Four Seasons in One Day I figured, since this song came to mind, today’s random music moment should also be about the weather!  Maybe next I’ll look for a quote, and then find a book – though I don’t think there’s a story called “Four Seasons in One Day” out there yet, but still, I’ll look!

Anyway, so today’s Random Music Moment is Four Seasons in One Day by Crowded House

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