In This Moment.

In this moment,

I am languishing under,

A cloud covered sun,

A cloud covered sky,

Under the shadows,

Of a bitter winter,

Passing slowly by.


In this moment,

I can see it coming,

Like a rainbow stretching,

Arcing over me,

Coming, coming, endlessly closer,

A sign of hope,

A sign I am barely holding onto.


In this moment,

I am waiting,

Still as a rock,

Warm as a rock in summer,

Cold as the frost in winter,

Wet as the rain in spring,

Dry as the sun,

Passing each day slowly waiting,


In this moment,

I will bloom,

When the sun is mine to touch,

And the rain in my cape,

And the clouds are my hair,

I will strive endlessly,

Push through the shadows,

And grab onto happiness,


In this moment,

I am but a rock,

Learning to flower,

Surviving the elements,

To become one and another,

Defeating the impossible,

Fighting the darkness,

Passing through winter,


In this moment,

I am anything but careless,

Passively waiting,

Holding the rainbow,

From the distance that it strives,

To form, to reach and touch,

And burst the dark shadows,

Into colours, colours,

Dancing in the sky.


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