I’m Back!

So I probably should have posted this before Quote #142 and Random Music Moment #116 because technically, and chronologically, this comes before them.  But…of course it slipped my mind just a bit in my rush to get some posts up after my surprisingly long break.

Firstly, sorry to all my followers and readers, I’ve been gone longer than I expected, but I am back now!

Secondly, while I was away studying, I was (and am currently) taking part in the NaNoWriMo sooooooo it seems poetry, 55 fiction and short stories were not really on the table while I was balancing out those.  It seems I’m out of practice with writing a novel/manuscript in a limited amount of time, so asides from studying for Chinese, it seems I had to focus all my night time energy on writing a novel/manuscript that I hadn’t actually been planning to do this year, Therefore, I might still be slow on the poetry/creative writing side of things on my blog.  But then again November is nearly over, so I shall be back to whacking my blog back into shape again :D.

Thirdly, thank you all for still following and watching my blog, even though I’ve been away!


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