Towa Kamo Shirenai (It Could Be Forever). Michiyo Akaishi

8504874Towa Kamo Shirenai (It Could Be Forever) Vol. 1
by Michiyo Akaishi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

You know Michiyo Akaishi is excellent at devises a captivating plot, and I love the stories that the protagonists are caught up in. Particularly my favourite by her: P. A.

This would be my second favourite, probably because I was so consumed by the stories of the japanese gods. I love mythology, so this certainly caught my attention! Plus Kosumo is like most of Kaishi’s main characters, she’s gusty, heroic-like, feminine and masculine all at once. Well in this one, Kosumo is more feminine than masculine, but she is powerful!

The Plot
Kosumo has a serious medical condition that has kept her in the hospital ever since she was a child. Since Kosumo’s blood type is rare, it impossible to find a donor.
While Kosumo is on the verge of death, out in the city, the 99th Generation Miko, Himiko-sama, gets into a terrible accident while trying to save a child. She is rushed to the hospital, and there her fate crosses with Kosumo’s.
When the hospital discovers that Himiko has the same rare blood type as Kosumo, they decide to make her a donor, since Himiko is sure to die as a result of the accident. Kosumo recovers and moves back to Tokyo, but later finds out that Himiko’s blood isn’t the only thing flowing inside her…

So great plot and all, but really the premise just details the first volume, the rest is so completely different. It’s more about Kosumo as the 100th Himiko. BUT. And here comes the negatives.

There is one thing that always bugs me about Akaishi’s works. One, there are a lot of plot holes, and there’s a lot of moments where you’re left wondering, oh, what happened to so and so? What about that? So that’s a bit of a downer. Two, the endings just end. There is no bang, then concluding statements. It just ends. And I can’t decide if I like it or not. Three, yeah, sometimes her works fall flat at the end, mainly because of the way it ends, though usually you’re holding on suspenseful up until the last page, so good or bad? I didn’t mind. I just generally dislike the last few pages of the last volume, because I’ve gotten used to the fact that it just ends.

And for the other positives! Well look, Akaishi’s works have as many negatives as there are positives. And generally I weigh them against each other and decide if other works by the same author is worth reading or not because of the amount of negatives and positives there are. I guess what I like the most about her works is that the female protagonist is always kick-ass in some way or other. They always have just one steady love interest, so yay for no severally irritating drama (sometimes I absolutely do not need the love drama that’s so common in shoujo). The plot itself, despite plot holes, it is riveting. It’s usually pretty in depth, and the information is dealt out to the reader in easy spades. So the reader never feels overwhelmed, but they definitely feel engrossed. That’s what I loved about this manga. It was the plot and the mythology. Now I’m totally going to find more mangas that reference japanese mythology :P.

So, overall, good and bad, high and low. I didn’t mind it, and I would have given this manga a higher rating if there weren’t as many negatives, because essentially the material is there for a super manga, it just needs that little bit more. I guess it’s an average manga? But still I enjoyed it.

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