The Inner Sanctum.

I seem to find an inner sanctum,

My eyes are shut,

Yet my hands are open,

Seeing what I cannot see.

I reach forward,

Looking for a moment,

That’s the colours of the rainbow,

Filtered through a prism.

It’s nothing I can’t do,

Nothing I won’t do,

To find that inner peace.

It’s an array of colours,

Beyond the mind’s ability,

That I seek,

What nature gives freely,

Yet hides well,

So only the most worthy can find it

Protecting its treasure

Behind a wall of trials.

Give me peace,

A moment in time,

Of blooming happiness,

Coloured with life,

Laughing, crying, shouting out loud,

The words that I’ll hear

In my dreams of the past,

Echoing, holding, embracing me tightly,

I’m afraid,

Touching that wall,

Seeing the hurts,

Left behind, bleeding,

Growing, flowering, until,

I climb the wall,

Hand sinking in,

With every touch,

Consuming the past,

Living for the present,

Projecting my future,

Showing me no inner sanctum,

Showing me no inner peace,

Showing me no colours,

Bright of the ever after…

And sink, climb, conquer,

Fall, hurt, burn, cry,

Rise, Stand.

I don’t need my eyes,

The ones that saw the pain,

The sadness, the hurts, wrongs and rights.

I don’t need my eyes open

As I reach forward with my palms held out,

Feeling, touching, embracing what,

Cannot be seen,

And they tell me,

Embrace me,

Comfort me,

Lending me the strength,

Upon the strength I had gained,

To be satisfied,

With what I have found,

Here, in my inner sanctum.


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