A Summer Past.

Hard to believe,

That you’re really here,

Watching over me,

Catching me as I fall,

Holding me high when I cry,

Embracing my happiness,

As the days go by,

I miss the summer heat,

That sizzled once,


No three times,

Between us,

During that summer past,

Burning between us,

Intensifying the days,

That went by,

Day after day,

Night after night,

It was a summer past,

A summer unforgotten,

But a summer set,


Hard to believe,

How much one can love,

In a brief shining moment,

One summer long,

Til the leaves began to fall,

And the sun lost its shine,

We were still in love

Embraced in each other’s arms,

Not counting the days gone.

What was once a summer love,

Became a summer past,

Stashed in memories,

For the endless winter days.

Hard to believe,

It had once been,

Once was,

Once gone,

With you watching over me,

From beyond,

Unreachable—at the tips of my fingers,

I clutch tight, to the days of

A Summer Past.

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