Awesome Blossom! And more…I thank you all so much!!

Dear lovely readers, followers, viewers, friends, this has been long due, I feel terribly bad for not accepting these awards and passing them on earlier, but as with life, life keeps moving!  SO today, on the very last day before my mid-semester break I will thank everyone for their kind, beautiful awards, and nominate some more beautiful people with these awards!!


Thank you Belsbror for this excellent award (and others)!!


Thank you Faith Kim over at The Writing Monkey (I will try and shine on!)


Thank you Peace, Love & Great Country Music for this!! – I hope I can still be inspiring!

And so, for my nominees, since each of these awards all have their own number of nominees and so one, I decided to just settle on naming several wonderful blogs that deserve all these awards!  Congratulations and Happy Blogging!!

1) Nirvana – Nirvana’s Pocketful

2) Novroz – Polychrome Interest

3) Sage Doyle – SageDoyle

4) Counting Ducks – Countingducks

5) Kwicksand – Quick Sand

6) Gabriela Blandy –  The Sense of A Journey

7) Uzoma – 85 Degrees

8) Mishunderstood – Mishunderstood

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