English School Wars. Tomo Matsumoto.

9587790English School Wars vol. 01
by Tomo Matsumoto

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Tomo Matsumoto knows how to screw with my head. Granted, this is a very excellent manga, it still screwed with my head. I’ve mentioned it before, right? When I read this mangaka’s works it feels more like a slideshow images that my brains somehow translates into words, rather than reading the words on the page. But this one, sigh, again, screwed with my head.

The Plot
Arisu hates English but her mom forces her to enter an English Conversational Class because Arisu plans to go to New York for her dad. Not to mention, she also hates dealing with foreigners; but now, she needs to attend English classes with Foreign teachers. She had an unsual encounter with Ish, her hot glasses-wearing English teacher, at her favorite 100 yen store which left the both of them a first bad impression with each other. Will there be a room for some kind of development… both for her hate in English… and her teacher?

I thought the plot was great. I loved the story and I love the ending. But as always Matsumoto’s endings end with an ending that’s only partially satisfying, like those novels that end with a the two protagonists holding hands-hinting that they’ll date or have a relationship later. I don’t hate these sort of endings but after so many mangas where the heroine gets her kiss, I felt a little shocked. I was soooo looking forward to the last page kiss, but it’s not like they haven’t kissed. Actually when it does happen, it’s quite hot-romantically anyway, considering they’re both too stubborn to speak each other’s language.

The Characters
Arisu is stubborn, really stubborn. But in this manga it’s not an annoying stubborn or a I-want-to-hit-you-in-the-face kind of stubborn, it’s more like a funny, immature stubborn. It kind of makes her a likeable character even if she can’t understand Ish.

Ish, is practically the same, but I liked seeing his change. And I love the way he interacts with Arisu.

Japan, obviously. But specifically, English Conversational School.

I said it before Matsumoto’s works have very little writing compared to some others. There are times when they’re are chunks of it, but mostly, as a reader, you read less than a few lines of conversation per page. Unlike others, the writing that indicates someone’s thoughts are also very brief. Just one or two words outlining their thoughts.
The artwork, is not ugly, and definitely easy on the eyes, though if you’re not used to it, it does take getting used to.

This was one of my favourite mangas by this mangaka. Actually it just might be my favourite.

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