Delirium. Lauren Oliver.

by Lauren Oliver

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I first read the premise I thought…Another Matched?

But it had so many good reviews, and I realise I should give it a try. AND well, surprise! It was actually good.

Now I’m not obsessively in love with it but I must admit that for a story singularly based on love it is very good.

I could laugh…there are books that are just about love that drive me insane, because they are so bad at it…cough cough Twilight but this was nothing like that…well it was and it wasn’t.

It was because Lena Haloway is not supposed to fall in love, because in her world, the deliria that comes with it is a drug that kills. But of course like any girl she does. She falls in love with the one guy she isn’t supposed to.

Before I go on I’d like to say I absolutely hated how it ended! but also makes me want to read the next one.

Anyway…so she falls in love, and because it’s illegal things happen, and it isn’t long until Lena makes a choice she cannot turn away from.

I think what got me through this novel was Lauren Oliver’s beautiful writing. I can understand now why it’s such a hit. She writes so beautifully, and beautiful writing makes me weep – not literally, but the kind of weeping that comes in the form of words, more like word weeping or gushing – whatever. But that’s just it…her writing I’d give 5/5. Oh yeah and the way she structures her novel, giving Lena’s memory as an introduction to the chapter, then moving onto the current events, then ending with an understanding. I liked it, made the novel flow effectively, gosh I feel as though I’m at school.

Anyway, as for the story I’m not going to comment – pick it up and read it for yourselves! And warning this is nothing like Matched, which I loved for its beautiful almost timeless romance, but that’s it.

As for the setting…I liked it, Oliver does nothing to give leeway, as though the author was indecisive, everything is tight in Lena’s world. It’s restricted. The rules are inflexible. It feels real.

Lena Haloway though has an admirable character, one that every girl can empathise with. Maybe not in the same topic – love, but in the struggle against one’s own dead set ideals that they’ve known all their life and the change brought by someone or something that challenges that.

So read it if you love Dystopian fiction. Read it and weep. Read it if you loved Matched, or the Hunger Games. Just give it a try!


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